Returning to College After Winter Break, as Told by The Office

Winter break was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to face the fact that class is back in session. Regardless if you were ready to return or never wanted vacation to end, The Office characters know what it’s like to return to college after a nice, long winter break.

At first, you’re in denial that break is really over.

Having to say goodbye to everyone at home is hard. (By everyone, you really mean just your pet.)

And there is no denying that you are happy to be reunited with your roommates.

You guys are ready to do everything together again.

Seeing that all your textbooks are required this semester makes your heart (and your wallet) sad.

What you feel like when your professor tells you attendance will not affect your grade:

Every college student is overjoyed when financial aid finally drops.

(It sure took long enough.)

When the PowerPoint slide goes from Syllabus to Chapter 1 on the first day of class, you’re just like:

But syllabus week is easily still one of the best weeks of your life.

Going out every night and showing your moves at the bar is a must.

But after five consecutive nights of going out, you realize the endless list of school-related things you actually have to do now.

Your New Year’s resolution is to eat better, but it’s not easy.

Neither is working out…

Neither is keeping your resolutions.

Regardless, you are happy to be back in your beloved college town and are ready for a great spring semester.

Despite all the challenges, try your best to put your best foot forward. Make spring semester a good one, collegiettes! The freedom of summer break will be here before you know it.

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