The Recipe for the Perfect “Treat Yo’Self” Day

Being collegiettes in the prestigious Gator Nation, we all work hard and endure a lot of stress throughout the school year. Once in a while, we should reward ourselves for our hard work and treat ourselves like the queens we are. In the wise words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from NBC’s Parks and Recreation, “Treat yo’ self.” Here’s a recipe for a day filled with treating yo'self that Haverford and Meagle would be proud of.

1. You’re having one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right.

2. Life just keeps pushing you around.

3. So you decide something needs to be done.

4. That little voice inside your head says something unmistakable.

5. The first step to the perfect #TreatYoSelf day: sleep in.

6. Have a leisurely breakfast like a queen.

7. The next step should be obvious: retail therapy.

8. Don’t think (too much) about the money or ramifications.

9. #TreatYoSelf to an hour or two at the spa with your best friends.

10. Once you’ve had enough relaxation, kick it up a notch by binge watching your favorite show.

11. Stuff your face with your favorite foods...

12. ... until you pass out from a food coma.

13. When you arise from your slumber, summon your girlfriends for a night on the town.

14. Walk into the club like you own it because this day has made you feel *flawless.*

15. And dance all night like nobody’s watching.

I guarantee that after one day of forgetting your troubles and doing only things that make you happy, you’ll feel like a new woman. Don’t wait too long to experience this day of bliss!