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The Realities of Being a Second Semester Senior

It doesn’t feel real, but you are a second semester senior. Although you can avoid the thought for as long as possible, the reality of graduating from your college home and facing your impending doom is quickly approaching. Here are some of the struggles of being a second semester we all can relate to.

It’s here… your final semester of college has begun.

You are experiencing a lot of feelings…

Everything you see on campus gives you the feels — your favorite study spot, the bar you and your friends have one hundred memories at, the tree you pass on the way to class.

Your school schedule isn’t rigorous, so you make appropriate use of your time.

When you think about what you’re going to do after you graduate, you’re like:

And then when every adult you ever come into contact with asks what you are going to do after you graduate, you’re like:

You decide to start trying to be a little more domestic… But it turns out it’s not your cup of tea.

You should probably leave your college diet of frozen pizza and Midnight Cookies behind… but you aren’t exactly ready to commit to a healthy adult meal plan just yet.

You know the first name of the bartender at the bar you frequent the most.

Opening emails and mail regarding graduation, ordering announcements and renting your cap and gown only send you into further denial.

Trying to schedule job interviews is like:  

You try to sound cultured and refined in your cover letter and resume.

Having to fathom the thought of being an actual grownup… *cringes *

What do you mean I can’t wear frat tanks and leggings in the real world?!

It turns out after your 21st, birthdays tend to lose some of their excitement.

When you try to pretend you don’t only drink Franzia wine and are a sophisticated adult...

It’s hard to be an adult when you are still living on a college budget…

All your friends seem to be getting jobs as if they grow on trees. Meanwhile, you are struggling to find a job that fits under your major and skills.

When the thought of having to leave your friends crosses your mind.

And finally, when you realize the good days of college are behind you.

It’s a sad fate, but it’s time to be a grown-up, collegiettes! Enjoy this last month of college before getting swept off into the real world!  

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