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Rainy Day Accessories: Spring 2012 Edition

A rainy day can often mean a day for sweats, no makeup and throwing your hair up in a ponytail. Since it is now officially spring, we will be getting a lot of rain, and do you really want to have to rely on sweat pants every time it’s raining? Probably not. Embrace the rain, and use it as an excuse to wear your awesome rain coat and boots. Let us help you perfect your rainy day style.

First off, rain boots are an essential for every college girl. It’s no fun having your jeans get drenched on the way class and then having to sit in an air-conditioned classroom for an hour.

Rain Boots


Just because it’s overcast and rainy, doesn’t mean your rain gear has to look like that. Keep your look spring appropriate with these light pink, Hunter rain boots. Solid light pink will go with a myriad of different colored shirts, skirts, dresses and pants. Leggings, jeans and even a dress will look so cute with these. $61.90 from Nordstrom

Go retro with these yellow, classic-looking rain boots. I mean, rain boots were originally yellow for a reason, right? Why not rock the yellow rain boots again! This shade of yellow is bright enough to make you and your outfit stand out in a good way, but not quite bright enough that your feet and calves look like a glowing bolt of lightning. These boots can add a wonderful splash of color to any outfit filled with neutrals, but they can also go with anything pink, green or even red. $125 from Hunter

If you’re not comfortable in bold, bright-colored rain boots, go for these more subtle-looking rain boots. The floral pattern is enough to liven up a neutral-colored outfit but could also work well with certain patterns and bright colors. These boots will look especially cute with a black or khaki color raincoat.  $42 from Kohl’s


These rain boots are for more than just a whale lover. Anyone who enjoys keeping their outfit whimsical can rock these boots. The whale pattern may seem a bit childish, but these really work with the dark blue background and light blue whales. Plus, who doesn’t want to harness a little bit of their inner kid! $29.99 from Target

The other essential item to really look stylish in the rain is a cute raincoat. Since this is Florida, you probably won’t want to go with anything heavy. You’ll just want something water repellant to keep the rain off you.



Check out this casual raincoat. It’ll go perfectly with jeans and rain boots when you’re on your way to class. It’s fitted enough that you’ll still look good in it, but it’s not too dressy where you wouldn’t want to wear this with leggings and a T-shirt. $22.80 from Forever 21
Looking for a raincoat that’s casual enough to wear to class, but that you could also wear out at night? This may be the raincoat for you. It’s versatile enough that you can dress it down with a pair of jeans, or you can dress it up with a dress and tights. Also, it doesn’t look that much like a rain coat, so if you’re ever in need of a lightweight jacket, this can double as that. $89.99 from Macy’s

Keep your outfit lively with this pink rain coat. It has a full lining, but you can zip the lining out, making it lightweight and perfect for Gainesville. However, since the coat comes with a lining, you can use the coat for more than just a rain coat. It would be perfect for the occasional chilly days we get in February and would be great if you’re traveling up north or abroad anytime soon. $156 from Kohl’s

The only thing left to top of your rainy day look is an umbrella.

Keep yourself dry with this rainbow polka-doted umbrella. With the wide variety of colors in this umbrella, you’ll have a hard time finding something that won’t match it. The frill around the edge gives it a little bit more of a girly look too. $6.50 from Forever 21

Add this purple umbrella to your stylish rain gear. The lavender and true purple in this umbrella will go with anything else almost any shade of purple, and you could probably use this umbrella with a pair of green rain boots because of the green leaves on it. $12.99 from Target

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to look cute in the rain. The most important thing to looking good in the rain is not letting the weather stop you from looking like the pretty, young lady we know you are!

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