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Quote Queen: Be Fearless

I’m so excited to share this entry with you. Last week I participated in a high school leadership conference, and the keynote speaker was brilliant. He kept saying such great things, and I had to write them down and share them with you. This week, I want to encourage you all to be fearless.
“You are only allowed two innate fears in life: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else is created by you.”
Let me explain. I’ve been considering running for an officer position in an organization I’m currently in. However, I’ve been shrugging it off. I constantly tell myself: I probably won’t be able to dedicate time, I don’t want my grades to slip, I probably won’t get elected, etc.  After the speaker said that quote, I had to pause. I’m not running for something I could potentially be great at because I fear the commitment, I fear the consequences, and I fear the rejection. Well that’s silly. My fears, and I alone am getting in the way of something I definitely want. I am listening to the fearsome voices in my head — although I’m the one who invited them in. I am my own obstacle. Maybe you’re doing this too.

Let’s take another example. As mentioned before, I’m new to singlehood, which means my “game” is pretty weak. I like a guy in one of my classes, but I fear that he sees me as just a friend, or as just a nice girl in class. I’ve wanted to ask him to hangout for forever, but I constantly prevent myself from doing it — all because of fear! Just as easily as I created the fear, I have the power to remove it. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do. I decided to take my own advice, and I asked him to lunch. It worked! Baby steps.
This brings me to the second wonderful quote this speaker said:
“Get up, go out, and go get it.”
If I want the officer position, I need to get up from the negative corner that I’m in, I need to go out and better myself, and then I need to get what I’m after. This goes out to you too. Do not become a prisoner of your own fear — it’s nothing but a feeling of insecurity that you have conjured up in your head. Seize each opportunity and embrace confidence. Perhaps you already have something or someone in mind. Go get ‘em tiger.

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