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Playlist Princess: Back to School

You know Her Campus University of Florida loves the Gators. You know we love fashion. You know we love work outs, downtown adventures and delicious food.
But did you know we also love music?
Like any other girl (read: human) in the world, music speaks to us. Whether it’s that secret song we play over and over when we’re sad or the track that we loudly proclaim as “OUR JAM!” when it comes on in the mall, music is what gets us through.
Just like last year’s Quote Queen, we want to share our inspirations with you. That’s what Playlist Princess is: a blog where you can get recommendations, dance around to our suggestions or just sit down with your headphones and zone out.
Every two weeks, we’ll compile a playlist (using Gainesville’s own Grooveshark) that suits our mood. Let the Playlist Princess decide your soundtrack this week!

Of course, this week’s playlist is all about going back to school. It’s hard to transition from summer mode into class mode, especially because there’s still steamy summer weather outside! Hopefully this playlist of upbeat pop songs can get your adrenaline pumping enough to get you up for your 8:30 a.m. class.
Click here and enjoy!
(Artists: Two Door Cinema Club, Taylor Swift, New Kids on the Block, Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Animal Collective Asher Roth, Bright Eyes, Demi Lovato.)

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