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Pin it or Pass: Map Furniture


The semester is almost over, and what relieves stress better during exam week than scrolling through Pinterest? While taking a break from studying, I found this little gem on the Internet.

I’m all for refurbishing old, or kind of boring furniture, so this might just be a pin worth trying. I have a plain end table in my apartment, and adding a map just might give it some new life. But as most of you saw from one of my earlier Pin it or Pass attempts, I don’t do well working with Decoupage, which is what I’ll need to attach the map.


  • Map (You can buy them from a gas station for cheap!)
  • Decoupage (Around $8 – $10 from Michaels)
  • A sponge brush ($1 – $3 from Michaels)

Step 1: Take apart the table or piece of furniture before you get started, you will regret not doing this later. Taking the furniture apart will help you get a smoother finish, plus it will be a lot less messy.

Step 2: Add a thin layer of Decoupage on to the table. Make sure you spread it evenly or you’ll get some major bubbles in the finished product.

Step 3: Decide what part of the map you want showing, and set it on the table. It’s important to know where you want the map before you put it on the Decoupage, or you’ll run the risk of ripping the map if you want to lift it and readjust. Once the map is flat, add a thick coat of Decoupage. I found it helpful to use a debit card to get the map as flat as possible.

Step 4: After letting it dry, put another coat on.

And here is the finished product! What do you think? Not going to lie, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Rating: 4 out of 5 pins

Why it’s not a 5: This Pinterest find is definitely a conversation starter at your next get together, but it’s a pretty messy, long process. If you are thinking about attempting this pin for yourself, make sure you have enough time to take on the challenge.

Source: pinterest.com


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