Opinion: Stop Limiting Yourself to Certain People

Let’s face it: Everyone cares about looks.

No matter how much somebody denies it, or claims they only look into someone’s personality, the physical appearance of a person is the first perception anybody gets when they encounter a person in real life.

As natural as it is to be physically attracted to a person, people truly get too caught up in the appearance of another.

It’s great to appreciate someone muscular, but maybe not just because they’re physically attractive. It shows they’re committed to their health, a daily regimen and take care of their body.

If someone has a shiny, white smile, it’s because they brush their teeth.

Observing what you find attractive in another human and applying it to a deeper purpose is how others should be viewed.

Everybody seems to have a “type.”

Common traits I hear from female friends when speaking about men they find attractive tall, fit, light eyes, perfect teeth and chiseled jawline.

But why does nobody ever discuss the personality traits of this person?

What if you find your ideal partner and he doesn’t fit any of these details?

It isn’t logical to believe that you’ll find the perfect person that physically and mentally satisfies everything you want.

Because you won’t.

Looks fade. Bodies bruise. Hair falls out. Weight is lost or gained.

But inherent, personality traits are what defines the population for eternity. A good personality doesn’t disappear with age or time.

It’s time to stop setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves because it only creates a sense of defeat and worthlessness when those expectations aren’t fulfilled.

Imagine if someone dejected the entirety of your personality because of one physical flaw.

Seems unfair, doesn’t it?

So open your mind past your set expectations, talk to someone new or maybe someone you’ve truly never noticed before.

Looks don’t reflect everything and types are a false way to define your standards.

Step out of your comfort zone and truly look past the surface level.