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Old School Fashions: Channeling Your Gloria Steinem in 4 Easy Steps

It’s Women’s History Month, which means 31 days of looking back at some of women’s contributions to shaping human history. You know, just casual contributions like producing every person who’s ever lived. There’s plenty to celebrate, too. It was only a few weeks ago that Ruth Bader Ginsburg told us she naps during the State of the Union addresses because she gets wine-sleepy, and Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special features him talking about his newfound understanding of feminism, so use your WHM time to the max. As the woman said herself, “Each others’ lives are our best textbooks,” so learn from the best and dress the part with our go-to Gloria Steinem-inspired outfit, broken down piece by piece

1. Black Three-Quarter Length Crew Neck Steinem’s simple, clean-cut necklines have carried her through the decades, and this classic cut and color can do the same for you.

2. Bigger Belt Buckle and Rolled-up Blue Jeans Whether you are on your way to class or heading down to defend your title as the Rodeo Queen of Alachua County, this retro look not only looks good but also keeps the patriarchy guessing.

3. Facial Expression That Could Melt Glass An optional addition that really sends this outfit to the next level: try reminiscing about the struggles of women past and present to set the look in place.

4. Middle Part and Aviator Glasses Steinem’s trademark middle part and oversized aviators are straightforward and intimidating, just like your demand for equal rights and the effect it has on old dudes in Congress. Make sure to wear the glasses even when you’re indoors for the full effect.

In honor of this powerful woman and this wonderful month to celebrate women like her, try changing up your wardrobe to channel her strength and influence. You can’t go wrong with a simple black shirt, blue jeans and middle part. It’s classic and elegant, and it’ll give you a break from deadling with fussy accessories or loud patterns. Happy WHM, collegiettes!

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