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Not Petite, Not Plus-Sized, but Latina

Growing up, I struggled with accepting my body for what it is: curvy, thick and short. Skinny women — and skinny women only — grazed the covers of the most elite magazines. Over the years, the idea of body positivity was introduced, and plus-sized models were making a step into the fashion industry for the better. Soon enough, there won’t be a “norm.” But despite this great step towards making all body types acceptable, one type seems to always be left behind: the curvy Latina. The in-between. Me.

Why is it that in a world where body positivity is being more accepted, I cannot relate to the thinnest of thin or the thickest of thick? Why don’t we get a category? Thin women are deemed “sexy” in lingerie, and plus-sized women are applauded, but if I were to star in a lingerie campaign, I’d most likely be hyper-sexualized. This stems from the lack of Latin representation in the media. Sure, we have Sofia Vergara and J.Lo, but that’s not enough. Where are the campaigns for curvy girls? Why aren’t they on the runway? Whatever the reason may be, I hope it changes soon. In some cases, it already has.

This year, I attended Miami Swim Week and was overjoyed to see my body type on the runway: hips, big butts and stretch marks. Kendrick Lamar would definitely approve. Almost every show I attended throughout the weekend had girls of all shapes and sizes, including curvy. One model that stood out to me (and was impressively booked for almost every show) resembled almost my exact same body type.

Meet my muse: Sofia Jamora.


“Take me a cute photo in the sunset b4 we get kicked out” @fashionnova

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Every time she came out in a new look, I would get so excited. It was as if I was cheering on my best friend. It just felt so good to see someone like me up there.


Kisses to all the haters gn

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So no, my thighs aren’t thick because I’m a volleyball player or cheerleader — it’s just who I am. I can happily say that I’ve learned to love my curves. At the end of the day, you’re always going to want what you can’t have, so focus on what you do have!

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