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No Bra, No Problem: I Went Braless For a Week

I did the unthinkable: I went braless for a week. *Gasp!* Uncomfortable with the idea of being braless in public for so many days, I almost talked myself out of the whole thing. After all, the only time I’m ever completely bra-free is when I’m at home. This time, I was going to be braless in public among strangers, friends, acquaintances and employers.

Things did not really go as planned. The second I walked out of my apartment, I felt empowered and confident. It was so comfortable to walk around without a bra on all day. It took almost no time to be completely on board with the whole organic feel.

Here are seven things that happened during my braless week:

1. I kept trying to dress myself in a way that hid the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I had to remind myself how it wasn’t about that. I was learning how to be comfortable with myself, without caring about what people think.

2. I realized people don’t pay attention to what you’re wearing on your boobs. I promise.

3. I learned I’m not important — and that’s okay. People are too busy thinking about their own lives to worry about if I’m doing something embarrassing.

4. I went to the gym without a sports bra on, and immediately regretted that decision.

5. Getting dressed in the morning was simplified: I no longer had to wrestle with my bras. (Am I just bad at putting them on, or does every girl struggle?)

6. I definitely started caring less about what people thought of me, in all aspects of my life.

7. In fact, my self confidence increased exponentially and now I may think too highly of myself.

Nobody stared, no one asked me where my bra was, nobody shunned me. I got to go through the week feeling as comfortable as I do in my pajamas, and it went really well. I became less self-conscious, and as the week progressed, I started forgetting that I wasn’t wearing a bra. At the end of the seven days, I woke up, put my bra on and grimaced. It felt like the most uncomfortable torture device. I might go braless more often. I recommend this to every girl ever because you will learn so much about yourself. Photo Credits: history.howstuffworks.com

Nicolle is a third-year Linguistics major at UF. This is her first semester with Her Campus UFL, and she is psyched to be a part of the editorial team. You can usually find her hanging out near the $5 movie bins of your local store. Nicolle enjoys eating burritos, cleaning her kitchen, surfing iwastesomuchtime.com, and complaining about the humidity.
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