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My Thoughts on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: Leave. Them. Alone.

It’s the couple that gave us “Saturday Night Live” skits, matching tattoos and PDA every time we opened Instagram – Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Look, I know this subject has been beaten like a dead horse — but I think it’s time to discuss it and move on.

On October 9, Grande and Davidson ended their relationship after five months of being together. The two first shocked the internet when dating rumors swirled in May. People grew doubtful when hearing of their engagement only a month after becoming a couple. At this point, the internet’s reaction toward the breakup has been far from surprised and close to obsessive.

The highly publicized couple attracted attention since the very start; it only seems right that it followed suit to the end. However, why does it have to be like this? Why does idolizing one’s celebrity automatically mean invading their privacy?

They’re not alone in this. Look at Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Why can’t they just have their relationship to themselves?

Considering the ordeal Grande has faced in the past couple of years, she deserves her privacy. It’s something that seems so obvious: celebrities are people just like us. It always seems to fall onto deaf ears. The public’s inability to empathize is saddening.

“I told you so” seems to be a recurring statement thrown around. Negativity and hate were thrown at Grande and Davidson from the start and apparently to the finish, too. I have, personally, advocated for the two. I mean, why not? The pair may have seemed unlikely, but they expressed genuine love for each other.

I always wondered why someone would be hateful toward another person’s happiness, especially if it has not caused any harm to that individual. Why do people praise films and music centered on “love at first sight” or falling in love in general? When a couple actually embodies this, they are criticized and judged for it.

According to a story from People, a source close to Grande apparently said (regarding the couple) “It was way too much too soon.”

The end of their relationship is completely understandable. My interpretation is that the timing is off and that there is no ill will or loss of feelings. Grande hasn’t had a moment to recover from what she has been through. It’s just hard. As for the future of the relationship, I have hope, and maybe we could see a revival of the couple known as “Petiana” — but for now, let’s leave Petiana alone (*said in a Chris Crocker voice*).

Jacqueline joins Her Campus UFL as a features editor. The fourth-year journalism student hopes to pursue a career in magazine print. She channels her inner Rory Gilmore through her writing and pop culture references.
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