My Senior Year Bucket List

Senior year, AKA the final year.

It’s something we all can’t wait for; it’s also something we all dread happening. College is meant to give you the best  experience and allow you to make memories with the best people. But it’s also meant to be a stepping-stone in our game of life before we move onto a new chapter — the real world.

An important rule I have in life when experiencing new things is to leave without any regrets. Having regrets fuels my anxiety further, and it leaves me wondering about what I could have been. I want to make the most out of my UF experience all before I graduate this May. This was my thought process as I formulated my bucket list for senior year.

For the most part, this will be a list of things that I still haven’t done. However, there will also be things that I have done, that I recommend to every UF student, so that you can truly make the most out of your time here. Another writer made a list here, which I drew inspiration from. I will keep all my readers updated with my progress throughout the year!

1.  Watch the bats fly

I love spooky things, which means I would love seeing the bats fly out of their bat houses by Lake Alice at night — except I’ve never been. I’ve always passed by it happening, but I’ve never taken the time to sit with friends, maybe set up a hammock and watch the bats fly into the night sky. I’ve never seen many bat houses before, so I want to see it while I have the chance.

2.  Have a sign night 

For those who don’t know, a sign night is a celebration for a 21st birthday when one’s friends design a sign with 21 tasks for them to do on one night. Most of these tasks involve drinking, and you go to bars and clubs to celebrate. Two of my friends, Bridgette and Hannah, designed a beautiful sign for me, and it was one of the most fun nights of my college experience. I did tasks like convince a bouncer I won the Nobel Peace Prize, dance to BROCKHAMPTON at the bar, call a professor at the bar and more. Nobody ever completes all of the tasks, but the attempts to do so is really the best part.

3. Go to the farmers market

To be honest, I’ve been to the Alachua County Farmers' Market, but it was boring that I don’t really count it as a true farmers market experience. I’m trying to watch my diet and make healthier food choices this year, so eating fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods is a must. There is a farmers market at Bo Diddley Plaza downtown every Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. I will make the effort to go down to this farmers market because it is something I want to cross off my list before leaving Gainesville.Farmers markets are fun and great for the community because it supports small business owners. It’s also a great way to bond with friends, and it seems like fun.

4.  Go to Paynes Prairie

Every time I drive home from Gainesville, I always pass by Paynes Prairie. It looks so pretty to walk through, and it’d be cool to see some alligators. The area, unlike the main part of Gainesville, is unaffected by light pollution. This means that I can see the stars clearly at night and can do some stargazing out there.

5.  Do a stadium run    

Every single time I go to the stadium for a football game, I see people running through the stadiums, up and down the stairs. I truly admire the people who can run through the stadium, regardless of the weather. They have the discipline to become and stay fit, and I’m jealous and want to work towards that goal. If I can accomplish this once, then I will feel like an American Gladiator and be very proud of myself.

6.  Go to every Midtown bar

For my sign night, I went to Fat Daddy’s and Rowdy Reptile. Other nights, I spend time at The Social and Swamp. However, I always hear my friends going to other places like Salty Dog Saloon and Balls and talking about how they had the best time. It’s a shame that Midtown will likely be demolished in the near future due to development plans, so I want to take advantage of the memory-making opportunities that Midtown provides before I can’t after graduation. Also, I love the comradery of hanging out with friends at a bar and dancing too.

7.  Graduate

This should ultimately be the goal of anyone who comes to UF. I want to finally walk across the graduation stage in the spring and experience the pinnacle of my undergraduate career. Also, I want to feel like I didn't waste my time here. Graduation will be a culmination of all that I have worked for at UF, and I can’t wait for it.