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Must-Have Fashion Staples for Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

With springtime in full bloom, I encourage the influx of a few new items into your everyday wardrobe. Whether it be through shopping, thrifting or a clothes swap with your best friends, there is bound to be a way to brighten up your everyday attire. Here are some of my must-haves for this season!

Kimonos: These are one of my favorite pieces for spring. They’re extremely versatile, as they can be worn with just about anything. They come in a variety of colors and can be found at stores like PacSun and Target. I’d recommend wearing them with a sundress or even as a cover-up at the beach.

Floppy Beach Hat: Hats are totally underrated. In addition to keeping your face protected from the sun, they’re also cute and very trendy. They’re perfect for a lazy pool day or for tanning in your yard!

Sundress: It’s not spring to me until I can break out my favorite floral sundresses. These are a really cute (and cheap!) addition into your spring wardrobe. They’re easily found for under $10 at places like Forever 21, Ross and T.J. Maxx.

High-Waisted Shorts: Even though this particular item made its debut a couple seasons ago, they’re still popular. The more colorful the better. I have a pair of teal high-waisted shorts that go with a surprising amount of shirts I already own.

Bright Cardigan: It still gets chilly in the evening, so a cardigan is always good to have on hand when you’re out at night. A brightly colored cardigan can complete an outfit when paired with a simple tee and a statement necklace.

The best part of spring is the capability to mix and match. It’s warm enough that coats can be packed away but still cool enough that you can match a fun blouse with capris. I encourage you to incorporate these pieces for getting the most out of the pleasant weather. It’s one of the best seasons fashion-wise, so enjoy it while it lasts because the scorching summer weather is right around the corner!

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