Music Mondays: Songs The Vampire Diaries Has Ruined For Everyone

Ah, The Vampire Diaries – a show about love, friendship, death and dazzling immortality. It’s by no means a comedy or average CW show, seeing as you’ll probably tear up at least once per episode. It’s a ridiculously engaging show because of the great characters and the songs that orchestrate their lives. Most of the time, though, the songs are always tied to a really, really sad moment and they’re never the same for you ever again.

Here’s a list of the top 15 songs that TVD has forever soiled for me and probably everyone else. (In case you’re still watching season 2 on Netflix, be warned that there are definitely spoilers ahead.)

1. “Run” – Leona Lewis (1x14: Grams’ death)

Looking back, the first season of TVD was pretty tame because there weren’t any major character deaths. (You know it’s early on in the series if Jeremy hasn’t died at least once.) Bonnie’s grandma – a.k.a. Grams – was the first in Mystic Falls to kick the bucket, and it was depressing as hell.

2. “Wires” – Athlete (2x06: Elena and Stefan break up)

When Elena cries, I take a bathroom break. When Damon cries, I make sure to have a box of Kleenex on deck. When Stefan cries, on the other hand, I feel the fiery flames from the pits of Mordor engulf my heart and swallow it whole. It most definitely doesn’t help if there’s a gloomy song playing in the background, either.

3. “Skinny Love” – Birdy (2x21: Jenna and John’s funeral)

Damn, I always forget how sad this scene is. Both of Elena’s parent figures get killed and she has to bury them both. It’s definitely one of the sadder moments from the beginning of the series.

4. “A Drop in the Ocean” – Ron Pope (3x01: Stefan calls Elena)

This is my go-to Stefan song. Every time it comes on shuffle, I think about Stefan and how he’s the most amazing person dead person in the world. The song isn’t necessarily ruined, but it makes me feel all kinds of things inside.

5. “Give Me Love”- Ed Sheeran (3x14: Klaroline dance)

Delena shippers be like, “This song is the epitome of Damon and Elena’s relationship!” Or, “This song belongs to Delena, and Delena alone!” You know what I say to those people? Klaroline fo’eva. Now whenever I hear this song, I think about how they’re not together and that they have children that aren’t each other’s. Then I usually break out the peanut butter Oreos.

6. “Be Still” – The Fray (3x20: Alaric’s funeral)

The fact that Alaric knows he’s going to die just makes this scene all that much worse. Again, Elena loses a parent figure to supernatural doings. But hey – at least he’s not dead now. (Does anyone ever die for good on this show?)

7. “Dauðalogn” – Sigur Rós (“3x22: Elena drowns)

No, I can’t pronounce this song title. No, I can’t explain to you why Stefan couldn’t have just freed Elena and let her swim to the top and then rescued Matt, either.

8. “Ungodly Hour” – The Fray (4x02: Lanterns)

The whole letting-lanterns-loose-to-commemorate-the dead thing was depressing enough, but then TVD had to go and have Damon perform a soliloquy beside his drinking buddy’s grave. (Also, I realized that this show really likes using sad songs by The Fray. I guess that’s understandable, though, because Candice Accola is married to one of them.)

9.  “Kiss Me” – Ed Sheeran (4x07: Damon and Elena get jiggy)

Seeing as how I’m a pro-anything-to-do-with-Stefan kind of gal, this scene generally doesn’t sit well with me. Whether I like it or not, it’s one that will always pop into my mind when I hear this Ed Sheeran tune. Yuck.

10. “O Holy Night” – Cary Brothers (4x09: Klaus kills the hybrids, drowns Tyler’s mom)

This scene is also known as: “The Moment That Made You No Longer Able to Hear Most Christmas Songs Again Without Thinking of Decapitation.” Thanks a lot, Klaus. (Still love you, though.)

11. “Without a Word” – Birdy (5x04: Bonnie’s funeral)

Of course, Bonnie didn’t stay dead, but this scene was still heart-wrenching – especially because Bonnie spoke her last words through I-see-dead-people Jeremy. Stefan crying would’ve made the scene a hundred times sadder, though.

12. “Be Alright” – Lucy Rose (5x22: Dead Damon’s speech to Elena)

I think you’ve gotten the gist that I’m pro-Stefan everything and not necessarily team Delena. However, this scene makes me tear up every damn time. I know Damon will probably see Elena again within the next couple of episodes because that’s just how this show works, but it was still touching to hear him pour his heart out for her, even if she couldn’t hear it.

13. “Wait” – m83 (6x05: Stefan hugs newly not-dead Damon)

Stefan cries in this scene, so you know what that means! Cue the hell-raising lava upon my heart and soul. If you weren’t already aware, the true romance of this series is actually #Stamon (or #Defan, whichever you prefer).

14. “Go in Peace” – Sam Baker (6x15: Sheriff Forbes’ funeral)

Even though I saw it coming, I still felt so bad for Caroline when her mom passed away. She singing this folk tune just made me feel all the more bad. (Stefan looks pretty sad, too. Poor Stefan.)

15. “Long Long Way” – Damien Rice (6x22: Bye forever Elena)  

Elena got pretty unnecessary after season four, and I wasn’t too sad to see her go. However, seeing all the original main characters come back to say their goodbyes was just too much. R.I.P. Elena, I’ll always remember the times you went to Degrassi.

All in all, The Vampire Diaries is a pretty depressing show. People die, come back to life and then die again, and there are way too many love triangles to keep up with. What always keeps me coming back are the amazing characters (cough – Stefan – cough) and the perfect soundtrack.

What’s your favorite song – or most depressing moment – from TVD? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me @courtnerz.

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