Music Mondays: 11 Band Reunions We Need to See in 2016

Boy bands and pop bands and rock bands! Oh, my! It would seem our pop punk days of years past are returning in the last leg of 2015 – the once ridiculously popular groups Good Charlotte and Busted recently announced the bands are getting back together to release music and tour (separately) in the new year.

That got me thinking that if Charlie can rejoin Busted (a feat deemed inconceivable by even the other members themselves), then anything must be possible; any once-fallen band can rise from the ashes, theoretically. 2016 is a new year, a new start and a new chance to see some new, old music. Here are 11 bands that seriously need to consider getting back together.

1. Spice Girls

This comeback has been rumored for a while now, and there’s even been the hint that they might tour with the Backstreet Boys if the girls ever do get back together. Regardless, these ladies need to put together another album stat because Fifth Harmony just ain’t cutting it for me these days. (Also, while they’re at it, can they go ahead and make a Spice World 2? Asking for the people.)


Okay, okay, I know – this is a long shot (and kind of stupid), but a girl can dream, right? Yes, the VMAs performance was a complete disaster. Yes, besides Justin, they’re all old dads who can’t dance. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be the most amazing thing in the world to have JC, JT and their loyal backup singers sing “This I Promise You” one last time? Someone tell Oprah to make it happen.

3. My Chemical Romance

Oh, MCR – the little punks that couldn’t. The scene world has been in a constant state of mourning since the Jersey band went separate ways in 2013. The fans have also used anything and everything to prove theories that the group will re-band. Just give the people what they want, Gerard Way! I think three years is enough time to attempt a solo project.

4. Dream Street

If I asked you at this very moment to tell me what Jesse McCartney was doing with his life, would you be able to give me an answer? Exactly – which is why Dream Street, the most iconic boy band of the year 2000, needs to make its return next year. “It Happens Every Time” was the first song I can remember being my “favorite song,” and that doesn’t happen every time (I couldn’t resist).  

5. Play

Remember that totally awesome, proto-feminist song on The Cheetah Girls soundtrack, “Cinderella,” that Galleria claimed to write? Well, she didn’t (surprise!). It was actually first recorded by a group called i5 but was later covered by a Swedish girl group called Play. They also sing “Us Against The World,” which was featured on Lizzie McGuire and the Mary Kate and Ashley movie Holiday in the Sun. I’m not sure why this group ever broke up because I’m pretty positive I still have their CD on a loop in my car right now. (Disclaimer: I couldn’t find a gif of Play anywhere on the Internet, so enjoy awkward Ashley Olsen from Holiday in the Sun.)

6. Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas is trying too hard to be a sex symbol, Joe Jonas is trying too hard and is still a joke (or was I actually supposed to take the title “Cake By The Ocean” seriously?), and Kevin Jonas is — well — I’m not too sure what Kevin is doing. Nevertheless, the Jo Bros left a sour place in my heart back in ’13 when they abruptly canceled their tour, album and band, and I need them to make it up to me. Me — not you, your sister, your best friend or that girl you went to middle school with who claimed she was the Jonas Brothers’ biggest fan, but me. Being a fan for over seven years and getting treated this way is in no way acceptable, brothers Jonas. I’m not bitter, though. And I still want my album.

7. McFly

Here’s a band line starting from 2002: First there was Busted, then there was McFly, then Busted broke up, then McFly stayed together for 10 years, then McFly plus two members of Busted became McBusted, then McBusted disbanded, and then Busted got back together. So where does that leave McFly, you ask? I ask that as well because I haven’t got a clue. For those of you who don’t know, McFly is an English pop-rock band that is most famous in the US for writing One Direction songs and being in that one Lindsay Lohan movie. For their loyal fans, it’s been a tumultuous half a decade as the group hasn’t released an album as McFly since 2010. Will 2016 finally be the year album six makes its appearance? If any more of their wives get knocked up, I’ll get back to you on that.

8. NLT

There was cool, and then there was NLT cool. NLT was the underground Backstreet Boys of 2006, with the dance moves and harmonies to match. Too bad they never released an actual album, but, hey, at least one member found success. However, that success has come to an end, which means NLT can rise again! Solo projects are a thing of the past; groups are the future. (But don’t quote me on that.)

9. Thirty Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto has said numerous times that there’s new Mars music coming soon, but I won’t believe him until there’s tangible proof – hence why his band is on my list. Give me new music, Leto, and give it to me now.

10. The Wanted

I never quite understood why The Wanted received some of the backlash it did – all of the guys were talented, none of them were outright divas, and they made fun music. I think a rule in showbiz should be “Never make a reality show unless you’re the Kardashians or Ryan Seacrest” because the boys obviously didn’t get that memo when they came out with The Wanted Life just before they split. They haven’t been gone for long, but I think 2016 could be a good year for the band, especially since boyband rivals 1D will be on hiatus.

11. Willamette Stone

Alright, so I know this band isn’t actually a band, but they really should be and isn’t anything is possible in the new year? Willamette Stone is the (fictional) band in the movie If I Stay starring Chloë Moretz. Jamie Blackley led the (fictional) band, and the actor/musician sang and played guitar on every track used in the film. The songs are perfect, he’s perfect, the movie’s perfect – everything was perfect so this band needs to be a thing, and I volunteer as tribute to be their first real fan.

It’s always a miserable time in the music community when a beloved band goes separate ways, but when the members finally decide to get back together, oh, the joy that that decision brings is endless. Bring joy in 2016, musicians, and leave misery on the boulevard of broken dreams.

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