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MoviePass Just Might Be Your New BFF

If you’re a college student, you know that being bored is the ultimate crime. We have such little free time to ourselves between classes, work, and other obligations that when we do have time, we want to make the most of it. If you aren’t the adventurous, go hiking every weekend type like me, then I just might have the cure for all your boredom needs.

MoviePass was launched in 2011 in San Francisco. Since then, the headquarters have moved to NYC, but the idea behind the company is the same: making going to the movies cheap again. Read on to find out what it could mean for you, fellow movie-lovers!

I love movies, and I especially love watching movies in the theaters with that authentic experience. However, going to theaters can start to become expensive. MoviePass is technically a subscription. Yes, I know that when subscriptions are brought up, your brain goes straight to those teen magazine subscriptions that everyone used to have, or the makeup subscription your mom has, but MoviePass is different. It acts like a debit card, so that when you check in with the movie you want to see, the app automatically loads the exact amount of money you need for the ticket on the card that is sent to you.

The newest subscription model that the company has finally agreed on in 2017 is $9.95 a month for unlimited movie tickets. The only slight catch is that you can only buy one movie ticket a day. Thinking budget wise, a MoviePass is a good investment, even if you don’t think you like movies. In Gainesville, the typical movie ticket $12.45. Even if you go to one movie a month, you’re already saving $2.50.

Personally, in February I saw four movies in theaters, and that’s about $50, but I only paid $9.95 for the entire month. That’s what I love, and hopefully you will love, about the MoviePass. No matter what time of the day, if I’m ever board, I go see a movie. Having friends who also buy a MoviePass is even better. Currently my friends and I have a group message of about 15 people who all have the MoviePass. Whenever anyone wants to see a specific movie they just text what movie and time and chances are, at least half of us there show up.

Movie prices seem to be different no matter where you go. One trend seems to be the same; movies tickets are becoming even more expensive. Just another reason to invest in a MoviePass. The fluctuating price truly won’t affect you as long as you have the subscription.

Have you ever thought about those movies that are on the border of want to see but don’t know if it will actually be good? Another fantastic thing about MoviePass is that, for me, that category no longer exists. You can see all the good movies as many times as you want, and all the bad movies as many times as you want. The reality is that I don’t feel disappointed or annoyed anymore when I pay that much to go see a bad movie. Now, it feels like I am getting my money’s worth. An added bonus is that when Gainesville finally gets our IMAX theater in the fall, MoviePass is set to work there. With a MoviePass subscription, going to the movies is no longer a treat you can only do for those special box office blockbusters. Now, we can share the love for all the movies, no matter how big or small, good or bad.

Happy watching, friends!

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