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Motivational GIFs to Help You Make it Through Finals Week

With finals week upon us, students will line the libraries, cram their craniums and swarm the campus Starbucks lines. All the while, their stresses go up and their motivations go down. Amid all of this finals frenzy, here are a few motivational GIFs to help encourage you to finish strong this semester.

It’s official, final season has started.

You know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, dedication and Starbucks venti iced coffees.

But you are going to give these exams your all.

Your professor said not to wait ‘till the last minute to start studying…

But that is why the library is open 24 hours.

You may be tired after an all-nighter.

But you have to just push through.

And keep on keeping on.

You have to remember what you are capable of.

And always remember this:

And don’t forget:

Don’t surrender to distractions that would prevent you from giving your all.

You can do this, collegiettes!

Go out there and kick these finals’ butts!

You’ve got this!

Finals week is not a walk through the park for anyone. Hopefully with some extra motivation, you will remember what you are capable of. Have a great summer!

Photo credit: i.ytimg.com

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