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Mixing Prints and Getting it Right

Mixing prints can get a bit overwhelming and confusing at times, but with the recent influx of floral prints and neutrals in fashion, life has become a lot easier so have fun with it!  Everyone has a little creativity deep down, so try some of these combinations out and see how you feel.  What’s the worst that could happen?
My first and favorite combination of prints is the floral with the thin pinstripes.  The nice thing with pinstripes is that they are typically pretty faint but up close the texture differences mesh really well together.  This is for those of you who are just starting to play with prints and want to play it safe in the beginning.  Pictured below is my friend and I out on the town sporting my newfound love of mixed prints.

Unfortunately, flannels have been given a bad rap: relating any flannel to “country” or “farmer-esque.”  But all those haters are in for a surprise.  Flannel is making a comeback and in a super trendy way.  You don’t have to go with the typical red and black, but try out a neutral colored flannel and a textured wool scarf with lots of volume.  Although it’s technically not a print, texted/wool/voluminous scarves have that print effect and speak volumes in their own way.

And for those of you who are willing to take that leap of faith, try mixing prints in layers, and I’m not talking scarves.  A cute printed dress or top, with a differently printed pants or tights.  I know this may sound super clashy and not at all appealing, but it can really bring out your creativity (and some clothes out of the closet you haven’t worn in years).  Take a look at Whitney and how successfully she pulled it off.  It works a lot easier when the colors are complimentary of each other, but let your imagination run wild and see what works best for you! Happy mixing!

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