Mixed Feelings on Mixed Metal

Every girl has always had the age-old question: do you prefer silver or gold metals? Every (or almost every) nice piece of jewelry you own has been prefaced with a discussion about whether you should get it in silver or gold. And when you’re spending so much money on something that will forever be a sentimental part of your wardrobe, you should be sure in the decision you’re making.

This is also such an important decision because of the rather unspoken “no mixing metals” rule. Most girls were probably taught at a young age that if they were wearing silver earrings, they could not wear a gold necklace with them because it would be “clashing.” For all of these reasons girls are always trying to decide which metal they prefer.

Often times, it can feel like you need to choose one and forever stick to it so that your whole jewelry collection matches.

But maybe you can’t, maybe we shouldn’t choose sides and just love all metals. “Mixed metals” is said to be a trend, but maybe we can just always mix our metals. Why can’t we wear silver and gold together, or even with my all-time favorite, rose gold?

When I was little I always thought “my metal” had to be silver (even though I truly liked gold more) just because I was pale. I always thought that silver was for lighter skin colors, and gold was only for those with darker, tanner skin. Because of this, all of my jewelry from then is silver, but finally when I got to college my aunt gave me a gold bracelet that I loved. I thanked her, but said I couldn’t wear it because I couldn’t “pull off gold.” She replied that I was being silly and gold looked fine on me. Though I still protested and said it would clash with my jewelry, she argued more that it would be very on trend, in fact, to mix my metals. So I gratefully accepted the gift and mixed it with my old, silver jewelry.

I ended up loving the look and got a lot of compliments. Many people even said that they never know how they feel about mixing metals or how to pull it off. Every generation has its fads that fashion forever mimics because it is so timeless, let's make mixed metals our generation’s classic trend.


Photo credits: glitterinc.com