Mid-Semester Struggles as Told by Scream Queens

The beginning of the semester starts out relaxed. Summer weather, spending time with your friends and hanging out at your favorite places around campus make the beginning of the semester a relaxing time. But, before you know it, you’re halfway through the semester and stressed beyond belief. Suddenly, you are halfway through the semester, and each professor is piling on exams, papers and group projects. You are beyond overwhelmed but still find time to have fun with your friends, your sorority and relaxing on your own. What better way to express the midterm than by using the cast of Scream Queens?

Every professor starts scheduling exams, projects and essays.

When you finally have time to eat, and someone asks for a bite.How you want to spend your Saturday night.

When someone spills their drink on you on Saturday night.

The topic of hurricanes become a daily discussion.

Even if you didn’t suffer from resting bitch face before...you do now.

You start to become a little more complicated and a little less basic.

When you have been struggling to think of a topic for your project, but you are finally inspired.But what will happen next this semester?

The Chanels understand our mid-semester struggles, so you’re not alone collegiettes!


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