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Meet Queen V: The Company Reclaiming Their V

Conversations that are ordinarily hushed are spoken at higher volumes by Queen V, a feminine wellness brand empowering women to shamelessly cater to their vaginas.

Founded and owned by women, Queen V focuses on selling products for women’s real needs, said Daniela Vargas, a campus representative for Queen V at the University of Florida.

“Queen V is empowering women to talk about vaginas,” Vargas said.

Its products are distributed in bottles of florescent colors and labeled with names like “You’re the **it” and “Make it reign,” as a way to fight against the stigma that vaginas are dirty.

Women are often surprised hearing about Queen V when Vargas promotes the brand at tables in Turlington Plaza, she said. Some of them think the products sound too good to be true. But they usually become excited to learn Queen V’s products exist.

The company sells three different lines of products: maintain, enjoy and heal.

The maintain line, packaged in blue, includes pH-balanced products to keep user’s “V” clean. Vargas said she recommends the V Bar from this line, a gynecologist-recommended and pH-balanced cleansing bar. The bar is devoid of the harsh chemicals that can cause yeast infections and urinary tract infections. It can be used on all areas of the body. The cleansing bar retails for $5 online.

Enjoy, the second series of products, includes lubricants, sexual enhancement pills, bubble bath soaps and a stretch mark stick.

The heal line, colored in luminescent green packaging, encompasses products that prevent and reduce urinary tract infection, yeast infection and menstrual cramp symptoms.

Vargas said she takes Queen V’s UTMI pills to soothe her recurring urinary tract infection symptoms.

“It’s definitely helped with my UTIs,” she said. “I can do my daily business without having to worry about being uncomfortable all the time.”

The pill bottle, retailing for $15 online, contains d-mannose, a sugar proven to reduce the symptoms of UTIs and sometimes even heals the infection completely.

Lauren Swiontek, a sophomore dietetics major, said that more companies should do their part to help and inform women on their bodies.

“I have had so many UTIs, so many yeast infections. But I don’t talk about it, because people think it’s gross,” she said. “But honestly, it’s so necessary.”

Viviana Moreno, a junior journalism major and women’s study minor, said she learned about Queen V at a tabling event on campus. She said she’s still shocked when she discovers companies like Queen V that advocate for women’s bodies and empowerment.

“We need to get rid of brands that perpetuate these stigmas (surrounding women’s bodies),” she said. “And replace them with brands that cater to women’s bodies.” 

To stock up on Queen V merch, use the promotional code: QVINTRO15.


Lauren Rousseau is a senior editor for Her Campus UFL. She's also a junior journalism major at the University of Florida, and her writing has appeared in Rowdy Magazine, WUFT News and the Independent Florida Alligator. When Lauren's not starring at a phone or laptop screen, she enjoys starring at her screen even more by watching ridiculous reality television. When all else prevails, catch her baking and listening to music.
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