#ManCrushMonday: Papa John’s Pizza

This Man Crush Monday goes out to a very special man in our lives. He’s the one who has inspired countless daydreams in class, comforted us in our weakest moments and always answers our texts and calls for help 24/7. Yes, this MCM is dedicated to none other than the man, the myth, the legend: Papa John. He has fathered numerous food babies throughout his Italian career, he’s always been there for us in our darkest hour, and he has been our knight in bubbly, cheesy armor.

Sorry if that image was too graphic for you, but now that I’ve enticed your taste buds, join me as we delve into the artistry of not only Papa John’s, but also pizza itself. Here we go, starting with one of our favorite Disney darlings.

Look at this crust; isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t it make my night at Midtown complete?

Be honest: If you had the choice of being alone in the back of a limo with Chuck Bass or pizza, who would you choose?

Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to view this next image.

Let go of your vegan or gluten-free inhibitions and love yourself for once in your life. Papa John doesn’t judge you; this is a safe place.

Look at that glistening cheese perfectly melted to your liking.

What a contestant: both beauty and brains.

Just face it: Papa J has stolen your heart, and it’s stolen for good.

And in conclusion, nothing describes our relationship with this week’s MCM better than my homegirl, April.