#ManCrushMonday: Miles Teller

The second movie in the Divergent series, Insurgent, came out recently, so for those of us still obsessing over dystopian young adult book series, it’s been a great time of the year. One of the stars who seems to be everywhere lately is Miles Teller.  He’s had a great 2015 so far after the success of his Oscar-nominated film, Whiplash, and he appears in Insurgent as the villainous character, Peter. With the much anticipated Fantastic 4 reboot premiering later this year, it’s safe to say Miles won’t be going anywhere soon. Here’s why he makes a perfect #ManCrushMonday.

Miles is a man of many talents.

He’s always co-starring with equally sexy men.

He understands our deepest, darkest thoughts when we're knee-deep in online lectures, but the temptation of Ladies Night in Midtown is too real.

I’ll just leave this here (shoutout to Skylar Astin).

It’s like he’s reading our minds.

Suffering from dancing fever? Miles can cure that pretty quickly.

No seriously, he really enjoys dancing.

We'll end with just a little advice to get you through this week!