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#ManCrushMonday: Michael B. Jordan

Last week we brought you Miles Teller, an up-and-coming actor whose face you should get used to seeing. Now, we have another star on the rise who just so happens to have co-starred with Teller and Zac Efron in the movie That Awkward Moment last year. Not only that, but Michael B. Jordan is going to team up with Teller again for the Fantastic 4 reboot later this year. Here’s why Michael B. Jordan is our #ManCrushMonday:  

Oooh, that sexy side eye is something we definitely need more of.

All you need is a selfie stick and you’ve got couple pictures for your Snapchat story set for the rest of your life.

“Hello girlfriend, please tell me that joke again. You are the funniest girlfriend in the entire world.” –MBJ

His smile could probably cure any sickness.

We get it, your smile is great, but let’s focus on you drinking a classy martini.

As my good pal Christina Aguilera would say, “You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way, but that don't mean I'm gonna give it away.” Bby, bby, bbyyy.

He’s been up in the gym just working on his fitness, I’m his witness!

But seriously, I can imagine many a day spent at Southwest Rec, showing off our muscles. That's when Michael would realize he’s madly in love with me and decide to give up his acting career to move to Gainesville and go to UF.

His unamused look is better than the one a girl gives when she’s hanging with bae and they run into his ex.

Until next week, ladies.

Amanda is a senior studying Telecommunication News and the Campus Cutie Writer for Her Campus UFL. She also works as a reporter for WUFT News and as a writer for Fnatic. When she’s not working Amanda enjoys watching Food Network, cats, eating mashed potatoes, and playing League of Legends
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