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#ManCrushMonday: John Stamos

John Stamos. He was probably your first crush back when you recognized him from Full House reruns on Nick at Night. Now you can find him guest starring in many major shows. It’s as if the man does not age, and that’s why he, among other reasons, is our #ManCrushMonday.

Have mercy, just look at those luscious locks of hair.

Who wants to transport themselves to Uncle Jesse’s old bedroom and say “Yes, yes you have been”?

Seriously, though. It’s like the man has not gotten a day older.

If you're like me and your Stamos thirst is insatiable, you should check out his newest show, Grandfathered.

Every 30-minute episode is perfection.

Every Glee fan can vividly remember the thousand-watt smile of Dr. Carl Howell.He rocks the aviators like no other.

Is it strange that I am jealous of Michelle Tanner in this scene?

Oh, and this one, too.

When THIS is literally what you dream about…

He's got some impressive moves.

I’m pretty sure 20 years down the line, John Stamos will still have Man Crush Monday articles written about him. He is part God, part myth, part perfection and 100 percent hot. Cheers to you, John.

Photo credit:foxnews.com

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