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#ManCrushMonday: Eddie Redmayne

There’s been a lot of buzz about actor Eddie Redmayne through the past year, and 2015 has been treating him well so far. The Theory of Everything star was one of the earliest names thrown around for being an Oscar contender. Redmayne has already taken home the Golden Globe for “Best Actor” for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, and he’s slated to win a few more awards making him a perfect Man Crush Monday. Here’s why:

He’s British. I think that’s a good place to start. This means an accent, scones and tea every day. Maybe a trip to Buckingham Palace to spend time with the Queen? Just brainstorming here.

He has freckles and he’s proud of them. Eddie has said in interviews that he’s very cautious when it comes to his skin and that he’s always slathering on some high SPF sunscreen. There’s nothing wrong with a man who cares about his skin.

He has a successful modeling career, and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to impromptu photoshoots I’m sure Eddie would be game.

He’s a singer, which qualifies him as a “triple-threat,” if you will. He played Marius in the critically acclaimed movie version of the musical Les Misérables.

He’s extremely serious about his vocal warmups. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this one. Is it attractive or not? For now I say, “Please, show us more.”

No matter the question, our answer is always, “We like Eddie, we like.” I mean come on, he’s practically swoon-worthy.

Eddie says ta-ta for now, ladies.

Amanda is a senior studying Telecommunication News and the Campus Cutie Writer for Her Campus UFL. She also works as a reporter for WUFT News and as a writer for Fnatic. When she’s not working Amanda enjoys watching Food Network, cats, eating mashed potatoes, and playing League of Legends
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