Make it Snappy: How to Perfect Your Next Snapchat Selfie

Some might say 2014 belongs to a certain little white ghost that has become one of our best friends but also one of our biggest enemies. Sure, we’ve all had those unfortunate mishaps of sending an embarrassing Snapchat of our double chin to the wrong person. But how would we ever survive without our most precious form of communication? Thankfully there’s no sign of our favorite little ghost slowing down in the near future. Thanks to a few new tricks, this app is now better than ever. If you haven’t already realized that Snapchat has made a few adjustments to spice up those weird late-night snaps, this guide will teach you to be a pro when it comes to all things Snapchat:

Settings: Now that Snapchat has stepped up its game, there are plenty of ways to impress your not-so-tech-savvy friends via Snapchat. Before the update, users were able to type in codes to change the filters on their pictures. Users are now able to activate these features by going to their settings. When you click the "manage" button and swipe all of the bars to green, you are enabling all of the new features. This gives you the ability to change filters, add the time or temperature, and even update your speed.

My Story: This feature allows you to post photos or videos to your own "stories" section for all of your Snapchat friends to view as many times as their little hearts desire in a 24-hour period. Though this isn’t very new, it has come to my attention that you can now directly view who has looked at your recent updates by clicking on the blue eyeball symbol. Creepy, right?

Text: Recent updates have made it possible to yell at friends on your pictures. What I really mean is that now it’s possible to type in large obnoxious text and emojis to get your point across. Another thing that many don’t know about is the option to write with white and black crayons. To unlock the white option, you must hold your finger down on the color palette and swipe to the top left-hand corner. To get the black crayon, swipe to the bottom left-hand corner.

Replay: This is basically like your "phone-a-friend" option. It gives you the ability to replay one Snapchat you received that day. My advice is to choose wisely. In order to replay a snap, you must first make sure your setting for replay is clicked on. When you finally make that nail-biting decision of which snap you are going to replay, go back to it and simply click replay.

Snap-Hack Pro: Can anyone say blackmail? We all get those Snapchats we desperately want to screenshot, but we don’t want our friend to know that we did. Snap-Hack is your solution to this common dilemma. You could say that this app is Snapchat’s evil twin brother because it gives you the option to save some truly embarrassing pictures right to your phone without them ever knowing. The only downfall to this is app is that it costs $2. It may be worth it to splurge on this one if you’re looking for a way to get back at mean ex-boyfriends.

Now that you’re a Snapchat guru, get out there, and send 10 times the amount of snaps you normally do. Happy Snapchatting!