Let's Talk About Sex, & Some Other Things

Let's get straight to the point: I am a very expressive person. In fact, I rarely ever feel the need to be anything other than honest and straightforward. So naturally, I'm fairly outspoken about a lot of topics. Including sex. Including periods. And no, this article isn't going to be X-rated.

When I say sex, I'm also talking about using protection, birth control and the like. I've also noticed something: a lot of people are uncomfortable with a woman who is open about topics like these. This obviously isn't some type of angry rant about the "time that I walked into a room screaming about vaginas and condoms." It's the truth.  

I hang out with a fair share of guys, and the majority of them aren't very discreet when it comes to topics involving sex. For some reason, this is something that can be expected. This is normal. But the standard seems to shift when it comes to girls. People seem to find it inappropriate when a woman is open about her sexuality, and people seem almost offended if a girl happens to bring up her period.

One of the most common arguments I hear all the time is that it "isn't ladylike." The people who say this are usually the same people who use the justification that "boys will be boys," as if acceptable behavior and commentary depends on an individual's gender. If "boys will be boys," and, in the words of the President of the United States, what they say is just "locker room talk," then why should women be judged for embracing their sexuality? For talking about their bodies?  

I don't want people to take this the wrong way: I am in no way suggesting that everyone be allowed to be vulgar and inappropriate whenever they please. What I am suggesting is that if it is "normal behavior" for a man to use sexual innuendos and talk about his bodily functions with his friends, then it shouldn't be taboo for a woman to do the same. Women who talk openly about sex and "girl things" are sometimes stigmatized, and to be honest, it's a little gross that a woman can be called a "slut" for doing so.

On that note, even if sex is not your favorite topic, it really isn't a reason to think less of a person for feeling otherwise. For some reason girls are always expected to be discreet about topics like sex, birth control and periods (Hello? Have you ever seen a man's reaction to a tampon?). I've honestly never understood why we have to keep quiet about these things, as if they are some type of secret. It's not as if sex is only for men and feminine hygiene and birth control aren't necessities. Social media sometimes applauds guys who are "cool" with periods, who might pick up some pads for his girlfriend once in awhile. Why? For being a good boyfriend and picking up something that his girlfriend needs at the store? I personally don't think this really requires a shout-out on Twitter, or any kind of reward whatsoever.  

Most of us are used to men talking about sex as if it's nothing, even though these same men think women who like sex "get around" and that tampons and pads are some type of weird luxury. Women aren't required to be more private than men. Like most things, that's also a personal choice. And I plan to take full advantage of my right to my personal choices.