Let’s Have Lunch — A Time Travel Fantasy

The month of March is Women’s History Month. It brings to light dozens of prominent women who have donned a hand in changing the world, improving subjects such as mathematics and science and fighting to improve our rights. It makes me wish to meet some of them. I once found myself wishing there were a way to go back in time and meet some of my favorite past historical figures as well as current ones (that might be a little difficult to do, but never say never, right?)

If I were to sit down and have lunch with four women, they would be Pocahontas, Anne Frank, Maya Angelou and Amal Clooney,

Starting from the earliest point in time is Pocahontas. It’s strange because she’s mostly known as a headstrong Disney princess whom many have no knowledge was once a real person. She was one of my favorite Disney princess because of her curiosity and strength. She played an instrumental role in the survival of Jamestown and played as a mediator between her Powhatan village and the Jamestown colony. She’s also known for continuing her adventures in England. I’d like to ask her how she felt living in an entirely new country away from her people. I’d also like to have her watch the movie and distinguish which facts Disney got right or not!

Next would be Anne Frank. She was a teenage girl and writer whose family went into hiding during the Holocaust. I read her book “The Diary of Anne Frank” several times when I was younger. To this day it is one of my favorite books. One of her most memorable quotes that resonates with me is: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." I often wonder how she felt with the tragic events that happened around her; one thing I do know is that she was a strong young woman who kept an optimistic outlook on life despite her surrounding circumstances.

Maya Angelou is not only a renowned poet, but she is also a civil rights activist and a memoirist. She has received more than 50 honorary degrees and has written many books over her 50-year career. Maybe it’s just me fangirling but I’ve personally always looked up to her both as an author and as a role model. Her life had its difficulties but she took that and spun all her experiences into gold. I admire her in every aspect and secretly dreamed of having her critique my work. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2014 but one thing that that does cheer me up is that she lived through her writing and by reading and understanding it, I can understand and improve my own.

Finally, Amal Clooney is another one of my inspirations. Despite being married to famed actor George Clooney, she is a successful woman in her own right. She is a highly successful international lawyer who specializes in human rights. She has worked with the UN and recently gave a powerful speech to the United Nation on the state of the Middle East and the steps that should be taken to improve it. She was named in 2014 by Barbara Walters as “Most Fascinating Person” of the year and through her work continues to help better the lives of others. Wanting to be a lawyer myself and I’d like to sit down and interview her on her journey to becoming the highly successful woman that she is today.

Photo Courtesy: biography.com