“Legally Blonde” Lessons to Live By

Every now and then, I watch “Legally Blonde.”

It sounds foolish, but it’s a way to motivate myself. Even though I first watched the movie as a pre-teen, I still carry lessons from it with me to this day. The things we grow up watching become part of who we are. We grow, and we change, but we hold on to these things. I have always held on to the beloved “Legally Blonde” movie. I felt empowered as young girl watching it.

Elle Woods became an icon for people who grew up watching the movie. Ariana Grande paid homage to her in her “thank u, next” music video.

Although not all of us strive to attend Harvard Law School, we have goals that we want to achieve, whether it be attending medical school, becoming a world-renowned author or a computer scientist.

Even though Elle pursued law to win back the “love of her life,” she found her true self in the process. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life and a part of growing up in this world. The feeling is universal.

People did not believe in her dreams to attend Harvard, but she pursued it relentlessly anyway. Who can forget the iconic line?

I don’t need back-ups, I’m going to Harvard.”

She put in her all to get into Harvard Law School, and she did. 

Don’t let people treat you like any less than you deserve — not even Harvard-bound boyfriends. Breakups suck for everyone. You can let yourself be sad, eat chocolates and watch cheesy romantic movies, but remember to keep your best friends by your side. They will always be there for you and give you their lucky scrunchie.

When Elle made it to Harvard, she was not the traditional law student, and her peers judged her. She showed that life does not have to be dull and boring. She still wore her iconic, vibrant outfits on campus.

When the going gets tough, don’t give up. Elle regretted going to Harvard, but she cried it out and then changed her outlook on things.

We can be who we want to be without having to conform to stereotypes. You can be many things at once. It showed pre-teen me that I don’t have to sacrifice parts of who I am. You can embrace your true self and love whatever you want to fearlessly.

At the end of the day, the movie reminds me that it is okay to be your real, unapologetic self. If you work hard and dedicate yourself to your passions, things always work out.