Is it Really the ‘Most Dramatic Season of the Bachelor Ever?'

Warning: This article contains spoilers of season 24 of The Bachelor. Read at your own risk.

“The most dramatic season in Bachelor History.” It’s the saying Bachelor fans never expect to stop hearing for each new season.

Since the show’s first season in 2002, host Chris Harrison always claims the newest season will be the most unique and unexpected yet. 

Most fans enjoy specific seasons based on the drama among contestants or their devotion towards the Bachelor. Drama makes for good reality television. However, when is enough enough

In the latest 2020 season, producers can be perceived as taking it too far with the drama.

Bachelor Peter Weber was a fan-favorite on Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette season.

When he was left heartbroken during the final three, fans hoped it would not be the last time they would see Peter.

To their amusement, Peter decided to become the next Bachelor.

Nonetheless, would fans still be devoted to Peter’s journey after this season?

Just about every contestant has gotten involved in drama.

The drama almost seemed pointless — one of the most notable “dramatic” moments from this season would be later known as “Champagne-gate.”

This incident consisted of contestant Hannah Ann Suss supposedly stealing contestant Kelsey Weier’s 1-year-old champagne bottle, resulting in a bunch of tears, altercations and unnecessary drama.

Eventually, Kelsey shared her moment with Peter, followed by Kelsey spitting up the champagne in her face.

Another problem stemmed from contestant Alayah Benevidez, who many other contestants seemed to have problems with.

Almost an entire episode was devoted towards Peter talking with her and other contestants about the situation, and he eventually sent her home. 

However, she came back for a second chance and he decided to keep her, and then send her home again.

Fans are disappointed by Peter’s indecisiveness and the overuse of dramatic exchanges between the girls, taking away from the intimate moments between Peter and the other contestants.

It almost seems as if Peter’s relationships with the women aren’t as developed as relationships in past seasons since this season has been so focused on drama among the women. 

As the season comes to an end, many people wonder if Peter will finally find true love.

Peter claims over and over again that he is a firm believer that this process does work. 

Previews show that something dramatic and unexpected occurs in the finale.

What will it be?

Even those who are disappointed with this season will just have to keep watching to find out!