Introducing PINK’s New Street Sport Collection

It’s no secret that PINK’s new Street Sport collection at Victoria’s Secret is to die for. The collection introduces a new array of adorable clothes for on-the-go college fashionistas. It takes basic sporty items of clothing like bras, sweatshirts, leggings, and T-shirts and makes them fashionable and versatile. The pieces are both functional and stylish, and they can easily be incorporated into your everyday style choices. For a little inspiration, check out how I styled some of my favorite items from the collection:

1.     Bra Top
This item also comes in tribal print, grey, silver metallic, and pink with rhinestones. I chose the black one with rhinestones as seen above because it matches most things in my wardrobe. Bra tops are perfect for layering under things like slouchy sweaters or shirts, and they look cute paired with high-waisted shorts and some sort of top layer like a chambray shirt. Another option, as seen above on the bottom left, is wearing a bra top with a maxi skirt and jean vest. The embellishments on PINK’s bra tops and the stretchy cotton material make them both edgy and sporty.

2.     Fashion Leggings 
Leggings are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable things to wear on a daily basis. Instead of always settling with basic black leggings, spice things up a bit by opting for one of PINK’s fashion leggings in bold colors like blue and purple. Leggings look best when worn with an oversized top, such as a sweater or graphic T-shirt that goes to the middle of your thigh. This is key! Leggings can look weird and sometimes even a little trashy if they’re worn with a top that doesn’t cover your lady bits. But don’t let this prevent you from trying out this daring, 80s-esque look!

3.     Baseball T-shirt 
These comfy, casual tops are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. The long sleeves are perfect for the upcoming cool weather, and they come in a variety of colors like pink, yellow, blue, and black. For the sporty route, wear a baseball tee with yoga pants and tennis shoes. If you feel like dressing up this casual item for class, then try wearing it with shorts or a bright pair of jeans and adding accessories like a scarf or headband. They’re running a two for $40 special on these now, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

The Street Sport collection is ideal for those of us with a busy schedule (or those who want to dress comfortably every day without looking like a slob!). It’s perfect for those busy days when you want to hit up the gym right before class because you can still impress that cutie in your biology class with your outfit even if your hair looks like a hot mess. Enjoy, collegiettes!