Influenster: The Community That Rewards With Free Stuff

Ever wish you could get your hands on the best products for free? Wish no more collegiettes because it’s time to indulge in Christmas all year long! Influenster is an online community that makes it possible to try new products for the price of nothing! By completing reviews, taking surveys, and giving feedback on many products you already have at your house, you have the chance of getting free stuff in return.

How it works:
The first step to getting your first box from Influenster is signing up! After typing in, you will find yourself at a page where you can choose to login or request an invite. If you are new to the site, then you want to click the “request an invite” link to start your Influenster membership. After getting your fabulous invite to this community of trendsetters, it’s time to start reviewing!

The key to getting stuff from Influenster is to be thoroughly involved within the community. By reviewing various products you will be able to earn badges and points that will qualify you to receive a box of free samples and products from Influenster to try. Basically the more stuff you promote via social media and the more things you review, the better chance you have of getting freebies.

What do you get?
Once you’re qualified to get a box, all you have to do it wait. The products you get in your Influenster box aren’t revealed until the moment it arrives at your doorstep. Most boxes have a variety of things included that fit a sort-of theme.

One box that was recently given out was the “Varsity Voxbox,” which included useful items for college students such as Tide Pods, Airheads Xtremes Bites and Clearasil face wash.

Every box from Influenster is different, and the best part is you can qualify for more than one. After receiving your box of goodies in the mail, complete the tasks online to ensure you have first dibs on future Influenster programs. If you’re so determined to get more there are always ways to boost your Influenster score that could help benefit your chances of receiving a mega box that has even more great stuff.

Who would have thought something so easy could result in such great rewards? Now get to reviewing!