If Your Favorite TV Characters Attended the Same Party

Have you ever imagined what would happen if the characters from all of your favorite TV shows got together in one place? So many awesome conversations, interesting shenanigans and downright weirdness would go down. We wish we could be a fly on the wall at this party, but for now, here’s how we think the evening would go down.

1. Olivia Pope would be advising Leslie Knope on her political career.Always thinking about her next career move, Leslie would seek out Olivia for the best advice on how to become the next president of the United States. They would hit it off so well that Olivia would run as vice president on Leslie’s ticket. Knope/Pope 2020!

2. Joey Tribbiani and Samantha Jones mysteriously disappear 30 minutes after the party starts.Joey and Samantha were last seen flirting at the bar, but they're nowhere to be found soon after the party starts. I think everyone in attendance can guess where they went.

3. Walter White and Tony Soprano are having a meeting in the back room.At every party, there are always some people who just seem to be up to no good. In the case of this star-studded event, Walt and Tony are definitely those people. Everyone does their best to stay out of their way.

4. Mouse Rat provides the entertainment for the evening.April Ludgate cheers on Andy Dwyer and his band from backstage as they perform their greatest hits, including “Li’l Sebastian.

5. Michael Scott tries to start a game of karaoke, to no avail.The only person who is just as into karaoke is Cameron Tucker, much to the dismay of Mitchell Pritchett. Michael and Cam create a beautiful duet of their favorite Alicia Keys song.

6. Brooke Davis and Blair Waldorf are gossiping and tweeting about all the dirty details of the party.There needs to be some gossip at every party, and who better to spread it than the original Queen B’s? These drama lovers are obviously running the rumor mill for this fiesta.

7. Dwight Schrute kills the mood by initiating a fire drill.Classic Dwight. The building will be evacuated due to his blunder, but the party will bounce back quickly. If anything, his total lack of social awareness will lead to a more interesting evening.

8. Jess Day and Kimmy Schmidt are having a friendly competition for the title of quirkiest guest.Although fast friends, there just isn’t enough room in the party for two girls as unique and silly as Jess and Kimmy. They will spend the evening trying to out-weird each other. Who will come out on top?

9. Liz Lemon and Mindy Lahiri bond over their love of appetizers.It won’t come as a shock to many that Liz and Mindy hit it off right away. After their meet-cute at a cocktail tray, Liz asks Mindy for medical advice, while Mindy begs Liz for all the details of working with famous actors.

10. Phoebe Buffay pumps up the whole crowd with her classic rendition of “Smelly Cat.”There’s no way to end an amazing party like dancing all night to a Phoebe Buffay original jam. Phoebe’s music will inevitably bring the whole party together in celebration of a successful night.

Now you no longer have to imagine what it would be like to attend a party with the best TV characters of all time. If only there were a way to throw this party for real — we all know it would be the party of the century!

Photo credit: theodysseyonline.com