If Rory Gilmore Went to UF Instead of Yale

In the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls,  the show placed a lot of focus on Rory and her path toward getting into college. At first, her goal was Harvard, which turned into Yale when she ultimately decided that was the right fit for her. But what if something inspired Rory to apply to UF? See below what would happen if Rory just couldn’t resist becoming a Florida Gator.

1. She would be in the Honors ProgramIn fact, by her sophomore year, Rory would be president of Student Honors Organization. She would meet her best friend at H-Camp and take multiple UnCommon Read classes to discuss her favorite books and pop culture topics. Hume Hall would be her home for her freshman year, before moving off-campus as a sophomore with her aforementioned best friend. UF Honors would be a huge part of Rory’s life.

2. She would be an editor of The Independent Florida AlligatorWho needs The Yale Daily News? As a journalism major, Rory would start writing for The Alligator as a freshman. By junior year, she would be the managing editor, and during her senior year she would finally become editor-in-chief. Most of her time, when not at the library, would be spent in the newsroom.

3. On gamedays, she would be the only person in the libraryNot being the athletic type, Rory wouldn’t participate in the gameday tradition. She would take advantage of the empty library on Fall semester Saturdays. However, she would bring her grandparents to the FSU game every year to express to them her love for her school and, of course, they would have box seats. Richard and Emily don’t do Florida weather.

4. She would be in the films committee of RUB EntertainmentRory is known for her love of movies, which she naturally inherited from Lorelai. She would find her outlet for this through the Reitz Union Board of Entertainment. Rory would form bonds with other films committee members over choosing the movies for the Reitz, which she would also frequently attend.

5. She would intern at The New York TimesBecause UF is one of the best schools in the country for networking, she would have no trouble at all getting an internship with The New York Times, which would eventually lead to a job after graduation. With Rory’s special talent for writing and her 4.0 GPA throughout her time at UF, The Times would be begging her to join their staff.

6. She would tell everyone back in Stars Hollow how great it is to be a Florida Gator Sure, she’d be a little farther from her cozy Connecticut home. But every time she went back, she would secretly be missing Gainesville and the amazing life she created at UF.

So maybe UF wasn't even remotely on Rory's list of schools to apply for college. But it's always entertaining to think about what would happen if it was. If we were writers for the show, you better believe she would've done a tour of campus so everyone could see how great it is to be a Florida Gator!

Photo credit: media2.popsugar-assets.com