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If I Were a Boy: How to Rock Men’s Clothing in a Fashionable Way

Have you ever glanced over and seen a cute shirt in the men’s section of a store but were too afraid to try it on simply because it was in the men’s section? If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one.

It wasn’t until recently that I got over my slight fear of being judged for wanting to browse the men’s shirts. In PacSun, I took the plunge and moseyed my way over to the men’s side of the store because I realized there’s no rule saying that women can’t wear guy’s clothes. Although if it’s the other way around, it may be a little questionable. After all, men’s items of clothing are often cheaper and are looser fitting for fashionistas that have a laidback, comfortable style. Another plus is that it’s almost guaranteed you won’t be awkwardly matching the girl sitting next to you in class if you opt for the cool tank top on the opposite side of the store rather that the most popular one in the girl’s section.

If you’re worried about trying this bold style option, fear not! Below are a few ways to fashionably style men’s items of clothing:

1.  The Muscle Tank

With summer in the near future [insert cheers and rounds of applause here], tank tops that show the guns are quite popular for boys. Even if you don’t have Zac Efron’s biceps, don’t shy away from this piece. Men’s sizes run large; therefore, muscle tanks for girls look super cute as beach cover-ups. My personal favorites are tribal print or striped tanks from places like PacSun or Tilly’s.

2. The Button-Down

When going for a business casual look, ditch the $70 button-downs from J. Crew and shop in H&M’s men’s section, which offers these shirts ranging from $20 to $30. If you’re preparing for an interview, pair a button-down with a skirt of appropriate length and a pair of flats or modest heels. Another popular option is wearing an oversized button-down as a dress with cute sandals and accessories… perfect for summer!

3. The Comfy Sweater

Although we all have summer on our minds and the last thing we want to think about is cold weather, it’s never too early to start stocking up for next winter! For those chilly days when you just want to be warm and cozy, men’s sweaters are just what you need. Since guy’s clothes tend to have more goofy and outrageous graphics, especially at stores like Urban Outfitters, this gives you a chance to experiment with your style and make a bold statement.

4. The T-Shirt

When you wake up late for class and are rushing to pick an outfit, men’s T-shirts are your go-to. Whether they’re tucked into high-waisted jean shorts or just paired with leggings or jeans, T-shirts go with just about anything. The printed-pocket tee, which has gained recent fame around campus among sororities, can be found in the guy’s department at wallet-friendly places like Cotton On.

Don’t be hesitant to venture into the unfamiliar abyss known as the men’s section next time you’re shopping! See it as an opportunity to enhance your style and find some killer bargains. Happy shopping, collegiettes!

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Victoria is a junior journalism major at the University of Florida. As a writer for Her Campus, she enjoyed writing about fashion and giving advice to readers. She is currently a senior editor of Her Campus UFL and is in training to become the chapter's next Campus Correspondent. Outside of class and Her Campus, you can find Victoria scoping out cute boys with friends, longboarding around campus, or hanging out with her Alpha Omicron Pi sisters. She enjoys traveling to new cities, spending time outside, drinking toffee nut iced coffees, shopping, trying new types of food and working for Her Campus!