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If Disney Princesses Were UF Students

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

If you’ve ever wondered what some of your favorite Disney princesses would be involved in as UF students, Her Campus UFL is here to give you five examples of some classic favorites:

Ariel After graduating high school, Ariel was the girl who came to college ready for change. As the star of her high school’s swim team, she could have easily made UF’s swimming and diving team or been the next hopeful to win Gator Olympic gold. But she wanted to get away from water to pursue her other passions and quench her thirst for knowledge. However, she didn’t drift too far from her roots. She ended up taking residence at The Landings, which has a large, resort-style pool and close proximity to Lake Wauburg, where she lifeguards on the weekends. She did ignore her father’s wishes to study marine biology when she declared anthropology, but he was happy when she was accepted to UF’s College of Fine Arts School of Music in the Spring. Ariel loves specializing in voice, but she had a calling to tinker with objects and figure out their functions, so she decided to double major in mechanical engineering. The rare times she’s not busy with homework, she’ll go out from time to time at Shuck. She always makes time for her boyfriend, Eric, who asked her out after hearing her perform at the Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

Jasmine UF is an incredibly diverse school, and Jasmine wanted to experience all it had to offer. On top of majoring in linguistics, studying abroad with the Semester at Sea program, and living in Weaver Hall, she rushed a Greek multicultural sorority. She pledged Gamma Eta, and she loves sporting its official colors of purple and teal regularly. She also joined the UF NaviGators. Although she wasn’t paired with an international student, she still hangs out with the club at Midtown, smokes hookah with them at Sheesha Hookah and Beer Bar, and once hosted an Around the World party for them. She occasionally practices belly dancing but prefers to go out to clubs to show off her moves, especially when the Arabian Nights-inspired beats come on in her new favorite song, Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”

Snow White Unlike the majority of the student population from the Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida areas, Snow White is the out-of-state student who stands out but has no trouble fitting in. She didn’t have a Bright Futures scholarship or Florida Prepaid, but she’s used to fending for herself. She’s settled comfortably at a co-ed arrangement in Campus Lodge and lives in a 4/4, but her roommates’ four brothers often sleep on the couch and armchairs. Sometimes her roommates can be moody, so she doesn’t mind the extra company. She’s a bit old-fashioned and always dreamed of raising a family to cook and clean for. But for now, she likes helping people in any way she can. She started off with a veterinary science focus but decided she’s intrigued by genetics and psychology. After she gets off work serving up delectable pies at Maude’s Classic cafe — never apple pies, due to an aversion she once acquired — she indulges in her guilty pleasure TV show, TLC’s Little People, Big World. She’s also the best bet to win Florida Blue Key’s Miss UF pageant.

Pocahontas She might be Native American and gravitate toward neutral and oxblood colors in her daily wardrobe, but she could never be an Florida State University Seminole (her family descended from the Powhatan tribe, anyway). You’ll find Pocahontas Gator Chomp at every pep rally and every football game. But other than being the most spirited student on campus, she’s also one of the most free-spirited as well — she practically led the pack in the semiannual Great Underwear Dash. In order to feel closer to Mother Nature, she frequently bikes around trails at Paynes Prairie, the Devil’s Millhopper Sinkhole, and La Chua Trail. A few times a week, she interns with UF’s Sustainability Hut, and she studies environmental science. She also minors in history to learn about colonization of the U.S. and the settlement of Chesapeake Bay but mostly to hang out with professor Steven Noll during office hours. She doesn’t like the label “hipster,” but you could easily find her in the hippie van at Satchel’s or other hipster havens, such as The Top and the Jones Eastside. She also likes to occasionally explore the Union Street Farmers Market, mostly because she enjoys taking strolls in the historic district downtown. No one understands how a girl like her fell for her boyfriend, whose personality completely clashes with hers. Maybe she liked the fact that he was the original John Smith before that name was too main-stream.

Belle This bookworm spends most of her time in the Levin College of Law library reading up on civil court cases and perfecting her legal jargon. The field interested her because she wants to help create equal rights for all and eliminate discrimination. As a straight-A student, she doesn’t need much help staying on top of her studies. Every now and then, she likes to get a caffeine kick with tea from her staples: Teavana’s Samurai Chai at the Oaks Mall and Lollicup’s rose tea with tapioca pearls. With her already busy schedule, she somehow manages to squeeze in time to practice with UF’s Speech and Debate Team. At the end of the day, she returns home to the less-than-impressive house on Northwest 13th Street she found on Craigslist. It’s cramped and plain, but as a Gainesville native, she was happy to finally get away from her overbearing parents. Besides, she doesn’t spend much time there because she practically lives at the library. But recently, she’s been seeing a guy her friends and family don’t really approve of —even if he is rich. He’s slightly shabby and doesn’t always make the best first impression, but she sees through his façade. Plus, he definitely knows the importance of flowers in a relationship. 

Are you like any of these princesses, collegiettes™? HC UFL can bet you’ve frequented some of the same Gainesville hotspots and eateries. And perhaps, like many of our Disney darlings, you too have found your very own Prince Charming. If not, maybe you should try trading in your flats for some one-of-a-kind glass slippers at Urban Thread. That’s sure to catch his attention. Before you know it, you’ll be hearing wedding bells at the Baughman Center.

Marisa Ross is a proud Gator alumna from the University of Florida's College of Journalism, where she had the privilege of working with the UFL chapter of Her Campus as a writer, blogger, and editor. Shortly after graduating in 2015, she spent some time abroad teaching English in Madrid, Spain, and voluteering with the press team for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Currently, Marisa resides in South Florida and is thrilled to be a part of Her Campus yet again, this time as the Branded Content Specialist for Integrating Marketing with the national team. In her free time, she stays active by training for races, playing volleyball, and doing anything outdoors or on the water. And if she's not daydreaming about her next travel itinerary, she's probably embarking on a cultural adventure to explore new cities, cuisines, and activities.
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