If Disney Princesses Were UF Students, Part Two

If you haven’t already seen Her Campus UFL’s first “If Disney Princesses Were UF Students,” be sure to check it out. Now that you’re itching for more descriptions of collegiette™ Disney princesses, we’ve listed seven more of our favorite characters below:

Mulan She’s one of the most adventurous students you’ll meet. Her parents forced her to focus on an Asian Studies degree, and although she respects them, school isn’t her main priority. In fact, she’d rather be journeying outdoors on a UF TRiP any day. She’s also a little rebellious — some friends once found her skinny-dipping at the pond behind Graham Oasis. Mulan fits right in with the guys, and she might have been overwhelmed by her ROTC boot camp at first, but she proved her status as both a woman and a dedicated militant. She was inspired to join when she took UFPD’s Rape Aggression Defense Program designed for women. Now she could kick anyone’s butt in martial arts. She also met her current boyfriend, Shang, during a practice duel the UF Fencing Team demonstrated on Turlington Plaza. After her daily ROTC training, she and her new army friends will hit up Bento or Sarkara Sweets Café for some flavorful favorites.

Cinderella Cinderella is the work-hard-play-hard student. She rushed a sorority her freshman year, but she wasn’t too fond of a couple of the sisters, so she decided not to pledge after Bid Day. She might not have had much time to spare because she’s busy doing her physics homework to figure out the velocity of a 200 kg moving pumpkin. She’s a little scatterbrained, though (she once lost a shoe near the Hippodrome State Theatre while partying downtown), and she tends to lose focus. It’s probably because she’s a little boy-crazy, always waiting for her Prince Charming to come along. However, he finally came around once she slipped out of her frat tank and norts (Nike shorts) uniform that she lounges around campus in. She especially likes visiting him at his swanky apartment in Royal Village. And each month, the two enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides at First Friday Gainesville.


Aurora If you ever see those students on campus that look as if they just graduated junior high school, Aurora is one of them. Just before her 16th birthday, she was admitted into UF’s School of Architecture. The program’s demanding hours made her rethink her career path, and she started to think she’d make an excellent doctor or veterinarian. But after one checkup visit at UF’s Infirmary, she realized she couldn’t even handle a simple finger prick. She tossed her pre-med considerations aside and rekindled her love for grandiose structures and building design. She may be young, but she knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams to come true. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see her taking a nap or staying overnight in Rinker Hall. She’s pretty much imprisoned in that building, but every once in a while, she’ll go shopping at Thrift 5 or try to catch a fitness class at Southwest Recreation Center to maintain her slim physique. She’s up for yoga, kickboxing, or Zumba — just not spinning. There’s just something about those spinning wheels that makes her uneasy. And in the Fall, you’ll most likely see her on stage at Gator Growl as the Homecoming Queen.

Rapunzel Always the first to sign up for the UF Relay For Life, Rapunzel loves to help others. Her hair is precious to her, but every year, she donates it to either Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths at the event to give back to cancer patients. When she’s just getting a quick trim, she can be seen at the Reitz Union Hair Co barbershop. When she’s not hanging around the Union, this exploratory track student is most likely in the International Center at the Hub chatting with Anne Muracciole and reading up on study abroad programs in Thailand. Rapunzel has always dreamed of visiting the country during the Yi Peng Lantern Festival, and she’s waiting for the opportunity to make it a reality. She spends a lot of time in her cramped room on the top floor of Beaty Towers East, but she doesn’t get too lonely because her boyfriend Flynn keeps her company. She once saw his picture on Campus Mugshots for petty theft, but she knows that his past is behind him and that he’s really a good guy. After spending enough time with him, she could tell by his actions. Even the horse he rides in Ocala with the Equestrian Team seems to agree.

Tiana Tiana hails from New Orleans but couldn’t stray from her roots in The Swamp for too long, so it makes perfect sense that this NOLA native would feel right at home in Gainesville. Plus, every other football season when LSU road trips come about, she has a chance to return to the Big Easy. To further avoid homesickness, she dines frequently at Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill for the Fat Tuesday specials and seafood gumbo. Tiana also has a dream of opening up a restaurant, so the Cajun connoisseur studies business administration and whips up tasty meals for other students at Gator Corner Dining Center. Tiana is happy working in food after her experience in retail at Lily Pad at the Oaks Mall before it closed. Working on campus is much more convenient because she lives at Lakeside Apartments, where she often strolls by Lake Alice and watches alligators sunbathing.

Anna and Elsa These two sisters are a package deal. When Elsa moved up North for college during undergrad, the two weren’t as close, but they never stopped loving each other. Now that Elsa is back at UF for medical school learning about cardiology at Shands Hospital (she always did have a doctor’s cold hands), the duo has been picking up where they left off. Together, they attend concerts at the O’Connell Center, get frozen yogurt at Mochi, and occasionally travel to watch the UF Ice Hockey team play. When they’re apart, Anna spends her time trolling Tumblr in her literature classes. It’s not that AML3284 bores her — she adores the themes in her Survey of American Women’s Literatures class — but she’d rather be serenading hotties at Fat Daddy's than hearing about feminism. If it weren't for Elsa's wise advice, she'd immediately fall in love with every boy she met. For instance, she once met a guy at a house party, and things heat up pretty quickly, but her sister advised against the one night flame. Now, she’s taking things slow and seeing someone else, but she’s just grateful to have her sister by her side. 

We certainly wish one of these Disney princesses could be our lab partner or random roommate, but chances are we all have friends like them. So, collegiettes™, have any of you met peers like these characters at UF? Let us know in the comment box below, and don’t forget to check out our first “If Disney Princesses Were UF Students” article!