I Went to the Glossier Store and All My Beauty Fantasies Came to Life

Glossier is going to be the beauty brand of the future.

Last year, the brand took over my daily make-up routine and my Instagram feed. It felt like everywhere I looked someone was raving about Glossier. I gave it a try, and I immediately fell in love with the quality of the products and the service that went along with it.

I’d been wanting to try Glossier out for some time, but I’ve never been one for online shopping, and it doesn’t run in stores. So, for my 20th birthday, my skin care expert sister-in-law ordered Glossier to my doorstep.

There was so much more to the package than just the products. Besides the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Priming Moisturizer, the pink box was filled with stickers, postcards and samples.

I posted my gift to Instagram, tagging Glossier, and almost immediately got a response. “Hope you love your new products. x Laine,” the message read.

Um, yes Glossier, I do love my products, but I love your incredible customer service more.

So, when I started planning a trip to New York City over winter break I knew I would be making a stop at the Glossier flagship store, which opened only about a month earlier in November.

The Glossier store was everything I wanted it to be and more.

The store’s first floor consists of a coat check and a grand earth-toned pale pink staircase. The second floor is where the magic happens.  

The SoHo location is more of a showroom with a bunch of different stations to try out the products than it is a traditional retail store. Glossier still has a fairly small selection of products, so it made it fairly easy to try everything out.

I went in with a full face of makeup, which at first, I thought was a big mistake. But Glossier was one step ahead. The “wet room” had sinks and make-up remover available for people to test out all the facial products. I took advantage of the opportunity and tried every product they had in the store.

OK, so you’ve tried all the products and you find one you love. This is where Glossier has completely redefined the retail model. Instead of taking your products up to a cashier, you find an associate and tell them you’re ready to order.

Each associate, who is wearing a a pale pink worker jumpsuit, carries a tablet around for ordering. You tell them your name, what you want and then you cash out right there on the floor.

About five minutes later someone is calling your name from a window at the front of the store, with the bag full of your new treats. The best part is that each order is customized with the customer’s name on the label.

I love good branding, and Glossier has it down pact.

With everything from the textured pale displays in the store to the personal messages on social media, Glossier has the next generation of beauty buyers figure out.

I guarantee it will be getting my business again, and soon; I’m almost out of Boy Brow.