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I Love Little Mix & You Should, Too

Little Mix’s most recent album, “LM5,” was released on Nov. 16th, 2018 and has been on repeat in my playlist nonstop. Every morning, I shamelessly turn the volume all the way up on my speakers, blast “Joan of Arc” and dance my heart away. With ballads like “The Cure” and pop anthems like “Woman Like Me,” Little Mix has proven itself to be a group full of badass, talented ladies. The album also features Nicki Minaj, Sharaya J and Kamille. While they sell out stadiums in the UK, Little Mix unfortunately hasn’t fully made its mark in the United States, but the group’s newest album is a testament as to why these girls should have a place in your playlist. 

It’s no surprise that this girl group’s album promotes sisterhood. No group embodies girl power better than Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. In “Told You So,” the girls come together to bond with each another after a break up. It’s a scenario we will all likely experience in our lifetime—after a tough breakup, nothing will make you feel better than being with the ones who love you most. 

Girl, just come round mine tonight / I’ve got wine and make-up wipes / I'll hold you, I'll hold you / We can put the kettle on / Talk 'bout how he's not the one

In “Love a Girl Right,” these ladies have each other’s backs against boys who will inevitably break their hearts. We all have friends who love and protect us fiercely against boys who may not be the best for us. 

Don't make me have to hurt ya / 'Cause I know right now, we're cool / But if I ever hear you mess this up, I'm comin' after you / So don't you treat her wrong / Yeah, you better love a girl right, baby

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall all know what it’s like to grow up in a society that is critical of everything you do, especially as women. In “Woman’s World,” the four explore the trials and tribulations of living in a world that always seems to be against girls. 

If you never been told how you gotta be / What you gotta wear, how you gotta speak / If you never shouted to be heard / You ain't lived in a woman's world

There’s no better feeling than loving yourself unapologetically. In “Joan of Arc,” the ladies channel their inner Beyoncé and Rihanna vibes for a guaranteed dance hit. There’s no way to listen to this song without feeling independent and on top of the world.

Fanning myself, I'm stanning myself / I love me so much I put my hands on myself

In the no-BS track “Woman Like Me,” the girls of Little Mix shine with icon Nicki Minaj. These women are unapologetically themselves, and I love it. 

I always say what I'm feeling / I was born without a zip on my mouth / Sometimes I don't even mean it / It takes a little while to figure me out

Again with the overarching theme of self-love, Little Mix encourages listeners to love themselves no matter what. It’s a positive message that we could all use from time to time. If you’re ever feeling down, this song will surely spike the confidence back into you. 

If you got little boobs, love it / If you got a big ass, grab it / If you got nothing big, rock it / It's your life, go get it, if you want it

“The Cure” goes through the narrative of finding yourself again after hard times. Everyone has gone through experiences that challenge us but change us for the better. This song perfectly encapsulates going through the hard times and making it out on the other side.

Now it's me and myself, don't need no one else / This happiness was always inside me / But Lord, it took a minute to find me

Aside from the messages of the songs on the album, all four of these women have absolutely astonishing vocals. Compared to previous albums, this is their most developed and mature album yet. Little Mix embodies all of the things that make great music and great girl groups — so be sure to make some room for Little Mix in your playlists this year.

Tien Le

UFL '22

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