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How to Prep for the Florida-Georgia Game this Year

It’s that time of year: the end of October. This means it’s time for the world’s largest cocktail party and craziest football game of the season, and this year it just so happens to take place on Halloween! Everyone on campus anticipates our game against Georgia all season, so you know it’ll be extra crazy. For a day like this, a collegiette has to prepare so she can fully enjoy it without sweating the small stuff. Here’s your guide to the Florida-Georgia game so you make it through the weekend in one piece.



How will you be getting there? Are you staying overnight or just for the day? Plan a carpool with your closest girlies and split the cost of gas. Or you can also splurge and get a hotel room near EverBank Field so you can party all weekend! Many fraternities are also taking buses over to the game for a low cost, so if you have frat connections this may be an option for you.


This is a gameday after all, but try to rep your orange and blue in a creative way. The game is taking place on Halloween, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing all types of costumes. What about incorporating blue and orange into a Halloween outfit? My main advice is to stay away from white, as you’ll be tailgating outside in a huge parking lot, so that adorable white sundress is bound to get dirty. Combat or cowboy boots or sneakers are also a great idea, as you’ll likely be roaming from place to place and will want to be comfortable and not have dirty feet.


Start decorating your Bubba kegs, ladies, because this is the day to have them at the tailgate. I’m also a huge fan of koozies, monograms, cute quotes and fabulous designs to make any cup or flask all the more glamorous. Make sure to drink responsibly and stay with a buddy so that you stay safe and accounted for throughout the day! Similar to gameday on Bourbon Street a few weekends ago, it's necessary to pace yourself; it's a marathon, not a sprint!


Tailgating is very different from the fraternity-house hopping that we’re all used to for gamedays in Gainesville. Tailgating is a very open experience because everyone is gathered together in a huge area. You’ll see tents, drinking games, televisions and corn hole games everywhere, and you’ll meet more people at this game than at any tailgate at UF because everyone there has made the journey just to experience it. Everyone is excited for the game and open to meeting tons of other fans!


I guarantee you’ll have stories you’ll be telling for years from now if you get yourself out there and meet as many different people as possible. It’s a great atmosphere and a combination of cultures you wouldn’t get if it were hosted inside a college town. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make some Georgia friends... but that’s a big maybe.

Whether this is your fourth year at the Florida-Georgia game or your very first, this Halloween football extravaganza will certainly be unforgettable this year. Go Gators!

Photo credits: www.jacksonvillemag.com

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