How to Manifest Your Life

It’s that time of year when people are really reflecting on what they want, what they want to change about their life and how to reach their goals. Journals and planners are flying off of the shelves, meal prep is the new household trend and people just want to crush their resolutions. I was once doing all of these things, too, until one of my good friends told me to try out manifestation habits. I wasn’t really familiar with the term. I’ll admit that I was intrigued, but I was flustered. I didn’t know where to start. But eventually, I started doing some research and implementing what I was learning into my daily routine. Want to do the same? Here’s how.

Visualize the future you want

This is one of the hardest manifestation techniques that I had to learn to start doing. I am a person that always reflects on the past. I guess I tend to look at life with rose-colored glasses and the future was always a scarier sight for me to imagine. I had to start visualizing what I wanted my future to look like. How do you want your life to be? Are you more career focused? Plan what career path you want to go into and don't be afraid to even research future cities you see yourself living in. If you aren’t career crazy, look at other parts of your life. Where do you want to travel in the future? Do you see yourself married and wanting to build a family? By visualizing and dreaming of these things, you are helping build your future self.

Affirmations are key

Affirmations are mantras that one repeats (either vocally or written) and believes the mantra will come to fruition. These don't have to be very intricate. Keep it simple and to your liking. For example, if you have a huge job interview coming up, say or write, “I am capable of this line of work” or “I know this position was meant for me.” By expelling this positive and vibrant energy into the universe, you will see things start to work out. If you aren’t comfortable with saying your affirmations out loud, try it in a more visual sense. You can buy a notebook and decorate it with a mood board and write your affirmations inside. How frequent you repeat this process is for you to decide. Some people do it daily, others do it annually and look at the affirmations from time to time. It’s all a personal preference dedicated to you and you only!

Become productive

Productivity is a really important way to change your life for the better. A lot of popular ways people do this is by using bullet journals. A bullet journal is (most often) a handwritten calendar that people create themselves. People create their own journal using fine-tip pens. Many people use it to do monthly planning, goals, habit tracking and more.

Change your mindset

One of the best ways to manifest your life is to change your frame of mind. It’s a hard thing to do but it is so worth it. If you tend to be a more pessimistic person, try your best to start thinking in new ways. Accept that things might not always go your way and that it is okay. Change is inevitable. If you have a good mindset and a positive outlook, you’ll start to notice that you will embrace change, rather than run away from it.

Start to be comfortable with the uncomfortable  

One thing to note about manifestation is that it takes work. It takes patience and it takes time. You have to be willing to see things through and to endure through the uncomfortable things. The biggest thing is to stay true to yourself throughout the process and don't quit if (and when things get tough because that’s life) things get tough! Lean on those that are around you. The biggest part about growth is that it often brings trials and tribulations. You are tougher than you think, and you’ll make it through. The results will be so worth it.

Manifestation isn’t a simple one-step process that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and hard work. Start to turn your doubt into determination and your dreams into reality. You are worthy of so much.