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How Gilmore Girls Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations in Men

Dating in college is a whole different universe compared to the real world (at least I pray it is). Actually, dating might not even be the proper term because if you even mention the word “dating,” “exclusive,” or dare you ask a boy “so where is this going?” they will be running for the hills. College is a weird place where most boys are absolutely terrified of commitments. They would much rather go out to Midtown or hang out with their fraternity brothers than get to know a girl. So I ask myself: why do so many girls have such bad luck when it comes to guys in college?

I’m convinced it’s due to the unrealistic boys portrayed in these television shows that make all the girls swoon over and fangirl hardcore. I hate to admit that I am one of those girls who daydreams about boy characters in those feel-good shows. Gilmore Girls is the perfect example, and it has given me and other girls unrealistic expectations in men. Here are some examples of male characters on the show that have made me wish every guy could be as perfect as them.

1. Dean Forester

First we will start with Rory Gilmore’s first love interest, Dean Forester. I would describe Dean as the perfect first boyfriend. He is handsome, tall, and very polite to Rory’s family members and friends. Dean was more of an athlete than an academic, but he knew how much Rory loved to read. Dean always tried to keep up with the books she read and made sure to go with her on her daily trips to the bookstore. Dean was unique because even though he and Rory didn’t have a lot in common, he showed interests in her passions, which demonstrated how much he loved her. Every girl just wants a boy to show interests in what she likes.

2. Jess Mariano

Then of course we have the troubled bad boy that Rory couldn’t help but fall in love with. What immediately catches Rory’s attention is how she and Jess both share a deep love for reading. On the show, you would almost always see a book in Jess’s hand. Also, Jess is very witty and is never afraid to state his opinion; another reason why Rory was drawn to him. Rory and Jess definitely had ups and downs since Jess had a hard time expressing his feelings and thoughts. What is special about Jess is that he could push Rory to her best, especially during her period when she felt most lost. Jess was the one who reminded her of her goals and dreams, and how she shouldn’t give up. We all need someone to give us a wakeup call when life gets too hectic.

3. Logan Huntzberger

Logan was a bad boy womanizer until he fell in love with Rory Gilmore. Which, may I add, is every girl’s dream; be the one girl who changes a guy into a great boyfriend. In the beginning, he reminds me of many college guys because he used to be a player. Logan would see many girls at once and he never saw himself having a girlfriend. This all changed when he started dating Rory. Logan became a very attentive boyfriend. He is also very extravagant with his romantic gestures and how protective he is over Rory. His charm and success makes him very attractive, which is another reason why girls want to have a guy like Logan.

As much as we love Gilmore Girls and, of course, the Gilmore guys, it’s important to remember that these are fictional characters. We will all be better off if we keep our expectations in check and just hope to find someone who treats us well and makes us happy.

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