How-to: Create The Perfect Care Package

‘Tis the season that everyone dreads all year! The boogers are greener than ever; the sneezing is uncontrollable; and, the coughing could make any grown man cringe. We all do our best to avoid the germs during flu season, but sometimes the hand sanitizer just doesn’t cut it. Creating a care package for your friend with the sniffles is the perfect way to get a smile out of him or her. Here is what you should include:

Cough drops: Save your friend from the constant stares after a coughing spell, and send them something to quiet the monster.

Tissues: The soft kind. There’s nothing worse than blowing your nose on something that could be easily be mistaken for sandpaper. If you want to splurge on an item, this is your one to drop some extra dollars on. Why no just go big or go home? Shoot for the tissues that have a hint of aloe vera in them. Your friend will thank you later.

Chicken Noodle Soup: This item is crucial in really nailing the overall presentation of a care package. Some may even throw it back at you if there isn’t any chicken noodle soup. Sending a friend chicken noodle soup is like wrapping them in your arms and saying I’m here for you. It shows how much you want them to be able to frolic in meadows like they did before they were sick.

A Redbox: What better way to spend your sick days than catching up on movies? Make sure it’s a good one, too! Don’t send one of those movies that make your friend question where the last two hours of their life went. They’ll appreciate the thought even if it sucks, but the better the movie, the faster they’ll be on their feet and feeling better!

Stuffed Animal: No one wants to be around someone hacking their brains out in fear that they could be next, but stuffed animals will be there through it all. After the shots of Nyquil it’s always nice to have someone to cuddle with.

Candy: Any kind of candy will work just fine. If you can find out what their favorite candy is, more brownie points for you. Candy won’t help you get better in the grand scheme of a fever that is 101 degrees, but it sure does taste good.

Emergen-C: The best way to get over any kind of illness is plenty of fluids and tons of Vitamin C. Even though Emergen-C doesn't have the greatest taste, there are more than 20 different flavors to choose from. Plus, its ingredients help increase energy and boost your immune system.

Don’t forget to send a note to tell them to stay far away until they’re cured! Achoo, Oh great.