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How to Beat the Monday Slump

Monday: the day of the week when getting out of bed is the hardest. It’s on this day that each minute of class feels like an hour. It’s when your levels of “can’t even” reach peak heights. If you’re looking to improve your Monday experience and make it slightly more bearable, check out these tips.

On Sunday nightMake your Monday morning as hassle free as possible by preparing in advance. Not only will your morning be less stressful, but also you can squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep. Try to get most of this done before going to bed:

  • Pack your bag – Nothing is worse than hunting for an important paper or for your laptop charger seconds before you miss the last bus that will get you to class on time. Save yourself the stress by doing it Sunday night when you can clearly remember and plan for what you need.
  • Prepare or plan your meals – If you need to pack your meals for Monday, try to get it done the night before. It’s just one less thing to have on your to-do list when all you want is more time in bed.  
  • Schedule your day – Having a concrete plan for the day and what you want to achieve will keep you on track. It can even help the day go by faster if you have specific goals to accomplish.   
  • Pick out what to wear – We’ve all been there: We can’t figure out what to wear in the morning, resulting in the post-apocalyptical scene of rejected clothes covering almost every surface in your room. Just thinking about your outfit the night before will prevent a scene of destruction in the morning.

On Monday morningWith everything set the night before, all you have to do Monday morning is ease into the day. Try out these tricks to get yourself motivated when you just want to go back to bed.

  • Eat breakfast – Taking the time to eat a complete meal before jumping into the grind of the day will make the morning that much more bearable. With the right fuel, you can avoid the groggy crankiness that often comes with Monday mornings.  
  • Listen to upbeat music – Get yourself mentally pumped before starting your day. Listen to something that normally gets you hyped and optimistic to get in the mindset of having a great day.
  • Dress up – It can be easy to slip into the tried-and-true comfort outfit, but take a couple extra minutes to put your best face forward. It’ll make you more willing to interact with people throughout the day, and the boost in self-confidence will translate to your overall outlook of the day.  

As rough as Monday mornings are, try incorporating some of these habits into your schedule to make the transition from weekend to weekday a little bit easier. If all else fails, just remember there are only four more days until Saturday!


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Antara Sinha is a sophomore journalism/pre-med major at the University of Florida. She is a contributing writer for USA Today College, and this is her third semester as a writer for Her Campus UFL. Her interests include health, science and lifestyle writing, and she plans on pursing medical and science journalism.
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