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The first weekend in May is very emotional for us here at HC UFL. As we celebrate a wonderful semester and a year worth of hard work, we say goodbye to nine wonderful collegiettes™and wish them nothing but the best as they move on to bigger and better things! Get to know our awesome seniors, this year's last group of campus celebrities. Congratulations, girls! Our chapter would not be the same had you not been here with us!

Name: Lisa Greenberg Position in HC UFL: Public Relations Director Favorite Celebrity: John Mayer Degree: Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Plans after Graduation: “to get a job at a TV station as a news reporter.” Why you were a part of HC UFL: “for the love of fashion, celebrity news, and all things collegiette™!” How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “Being the PR Director of HC UFL has taught me so much about leading a team and working in a group. I will use these skills in my future career as a reporter.” Favorite HC UFL Memory: “Either the Teen Vogue event or when we found out we got Platinum!” What you liked most about UF: “The tradition and spirit of the Gator Nation.” What you liked least about UF: “Nothing! The University of Florida is Perfect. Well, except.... Parking.” What you will miss most about UF: “Being able to say that I'm a student at the University of Florida.”

Name: Alison Pondo Position in HC UFL: Facebook/Twitter Manager and Sorority Representative Coordinator Favorite Celebrities: “My ultimate girl clique (is) Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lawrence.”  Degree: Bachelor of Science in Public Relations  Plans after Graduation: “pursuing a master's of public health at UF starting this Summer.” Why you were a part of HC UFL? “I quickly realized how amazing the organization is and love its total "girl-power" messages for collegiettes™” How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “Event planning and social media management, especially Facebook and Twitter.” Favorite HC UFL Memory: “The ‘UF <3’s Boston’ poster students signed for Her Campus Nationals last year after the Boston Marathon.”  What you liked most about UF: “the Gator pride and spirit we all have for our university.”  What you liked least about UF: “starting at UF one year after (Tim) Tebow left.”  What you will miss most about UF: “Get back to me on this next summer when I graduate with my master's!”

Name: Shelby Marie Boehm  Position in HC UFL: Senior Editor and Blogger, “The Bookworm Belle” Favorite Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson  Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Plans after Graduation: “I will be attending UF for graduate school in the English Education ProTeach Master of Education program. After graduate school, I plan on becoming an English teacher in Florida and helping my students love reading as much as I do!”  Why you were a part of HC UFL? “I first joined because a good friend (shout-out Allison Banko) had seen my blog and thought I might want to blog for HC. I stayed because of the inspiring women that surrounded me on staff and the power that we held as an all-female organization on campus. I loved the idea that content I was both writing and reading was also being read and understood by thousands of college women not only at UF, but across the country.”  How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “Her Campus will help me after I graduate in countless ways. Anytime you gather 50 women in a room who are all trying to accomplish the same goal, there will always be different opinions and just differences in general. HC taught me how to deal with those differences by being a good listener, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and learning to grow from individuals different than myself.”  Favorite HC UFL Memory: “Watching this organization grow from my freshmen year to my senior year is without a doubt my favorite memory. I never would have dreamed that we would become a Platinum chapter in the time that I served on the executive board, and now we're (hopefully) moving up to Pink chapter level! Getting together with a group of people and making positive change in HC is something I will never forget.  What you liked most about UF: “It's absolutely impossible for me to list everything I've loved about this school. From gamedays to great friends, I will never forget my four years here, and I'm excited that I don't have to leave just yet! The thing I've loved most is the opportunities that this university has given me and will continue to give me long after I graduate.”  What you liked least about UF: “I remember feeling like a small fish in a big pond during my freshman year, but thankfully through organizations like Her Campus, I found my place in The Swamp and never looked back!”  What you will miss most about UF: “From hammocking in Plaza of (the) Americas to laughing with friends at Salty Dog, I'll forever miss the people that have made this university my home away from home the past four years. Whether we knew each other a little bit from class or became best friends, thank you to every single person who made this journey and chapter of my life so special. Go Gators, and never stop reading!”

Name: Emily Gonzalez Position in HC UFL: Secretary and Pinterest Manager  Favorite Celebrities: John Krasinski and Mila Kunis  Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science  Plans after Graduation: “Grad school here at UF. I'll be getting a Master's of Education in Social Studies Secondary Education.”  Why you were a part of HC UFL? “I wanted to be a part of a group that not only was centered around my school, but also relevant to my interests (i.e. being a girl in college).”  How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “I met some great people, and I know the best places to be in Midtown when I finally turn 21!”  Favorite HC UFL Memory: “The Teen Vogue Giveaway! It was my first HC event, and I had so much fun!”  What you liked most about UF: “the people, the campus, the games, basically everything!”  What you liked least about UF: “the lack of power outlets in Norman Hall.”  What you will miss most about UF: “Nothing yet! They're not getting rid of me that soon!”

Name: Stephanie Baguidy Position in HC UFL: Events Director Favorite Celebrities: A$AP Rocky and Beyoncé Degree: Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with a minor in Communications Studies Plans after Graduation: “Oh that's a sensitive topic! But after graduation I plan to go back home to Miami to pursue a career in sports marketing and communications.” Why you were a part of HC UFL: “I wanted to be a part of a group that was different than the typical organization you join for your major.” How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “Being around such a distinct collection of young women that can motiv(ate) you is one of the many ways HC will help me after graduation. I truly think this organization bettered me as a person since I interacted and learned so much thought out my time here. Also having HC on your resume doesn't hurt; it stands you out from the rest, which makes many employers ask, ‘What's Her Campus?’” Favorite HC UFL Memory: “My favorite HC memory was when we did the body pledge in Turlington Plaza. To see all those girls just accept what makes them unique truly touched me.” What you liked most about UF: “interacting with such diverse groups.” What you liked least about UF: “the all-nighters.” What you will miss most about UF: “I'm going to miss the times I spent with my friends – the celebrations, the accomplishments, the disappointments. I going to miss the memories I made throughout these four years.”  


Name: Jordan WeinsoffPosition in HC UFL: Social Media Director  

Name: Alexa Gedigian Position in HC UFL: PR/Events Intern Favorite Celebrity: “I follow Lauren Conrad on all social media, and she is flawless.” Degree: Bachelor of Science in Public Relations Plans after Graduation: “I'm still waiting to hear back about a few jobs and internships, but I'm definitely heading somewhere exciting to do agency work in public relations this summer!” Why you were a part of HC UFL? “Her Campus was something I read throughout college; I had actually applied to be a blogger when I was a sophomore (I was rejected haha!). But after I changed my major to public relations, I saw there were openings in this area, and I was so excited to be involved.” How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? “I think being part of HC has shown me another side to commitment. When I joined in Spring 2013, we were nowhere close to being a Platinum chapter with the Pink level within our grasp. It's been incredible to watch us work our way to where we are now, and it's a testament to how hard we've all pushed for better content and better publicity.” Favorite HC UFL Memory: “I'm also UF's Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Rep, and I absolutely loved partnering with HC for our first 'Love Your Body Event.' It was so great to merge two of my organizations for such a fun event!” What you liked most about UF: “Wow, I have loved so much about UF. I think my favorite thing has been finding my niche outside of my major in The Sedoctaves. I love singing with those girls more than I can explain, and this a cappella group has been my foundation and will always have my heart.” What you liked least about UF: “Oh wow. I absolutely detested microeconomics and international relations. Those are two classes I will not miss.” What you will miss most about UF: “I think I'll miss getting to see all of my friends on a regular basis. There's something amazing - and ridiculous - about living with your best friend and getting to see everyone else at any given time of day. Living on my own without all my closest friends is pretty scary...”


Name: Jasmine Atkinson

Position in HC UFL: PR/Events Intern

Favorite Celebrities: Drake and Melanie Fiona

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications  

Plans after Graduation: "Try to enjoy the Summer and start grad school Spring 2015."

Why you were a part of HC UFL: "I wanted to expand my resume and try to gain as much experience as I possibly could."

How do you think being a part of HC UFL will help you after graduation? "I think Her Campus has taught me how much fun things can be when your work together as a team. I love seeing how we came together as a staff to accomplish our semester goals."

Favorite HC UFL Memory: "Working the Teen Vogue giveaway. There were some really cool items that we gave away, and I had a lot of fun giving it out and spreading the word about Her Campus."

What you liked most about UF: "I love feeling like I was a part of something. Saying that I was a part of the Gator Nation and doing the Gator Chomp and all of the chants were very exciting."

What you liked least about UF: "I can’t really say that I didn’t like anything, but I wish football student tickets weren’t so expensive."

What you will miss most about UF: "I will miss the basketball and football games. I will also miss walking across the beautiful campus every day."  

Name: Viana Bhagan Position in HC UFL: Campus Celebrity Writer

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