A Guide to 2018's Most-Instagrammed Fashion Trends

Believe it or not, 2018 is almost over. At the end of every year, I love to look back and reminisce on what the year has brought along. If 2018 has taught me anything, it’s that fashion trends don’t just start on the runway. With social media becoming a marketplace for selling and promoting fashion brands, certain trends have inundated the feeds of many influencers and bloggers. These photos and accounts have revolutionized how quickly trends can be shared and replicated.

This season has introduced some of the hottest looks (hello animal print everything!), but it has also debuted some of the most questionable ensembles to hit my social media feed.  Whether a style success or a fashion faux pas, these looks are unforgettable. Follow along for a trip down this year's fashion-inspired memory lane — and a look into my favorite social media style moments of the year.

1. All plaid everything

You haven’t worn plaid this year? That would have me totally buggin’. Drawing inspiration from the wardrobe of Cher Horowitz in the hit film Clueless, this style trend has been worn multiple ways in various Instagram posts. From oversized blazers to miniskirts, this pattern has graced many of the popular fashion pieces worn this year. Whether a subdued black and grey plaid on a trouser pant or a bright red and blue plaid on a dress, the print can be worn in many ways to fit your personal style. Influencers and bloggers such as Julia Havens (@jujhavens) and Julia Engel (@juliahengel) have mastered this print in several posts. Multiple versions of the pattern have made plaid one of the most functional (and Instagram-worthy) fashion trends of 2018.




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2. Trust me, this isn’t a dad joke

Another nod to 90s fashion, “dad” style has come to characterize many of the fashion statements made this year. Most notably, the chunky sneaker has made its way to becoming one of the biggest shoe trends of 2018. Personally, I have yet to incorporate this trend into my daily style, but I have come to love the look in some of my favorite blogger’s posts. Although I feel like I would look like a suburban father of three if I tried rocking the chunky sneaker look, I believe that many fashionistas, like Kenzie Elizabeth (@kenzieelizabeth), can make the trend appear chic. Although not my favorite look of the year, it is definitely one of the most recognizable.




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3. Welcome to the jungle

Quite possibly my favorite fashion trend of the year, faux animal-print clothing items have appeared all over Instagram in the past few months. From leopard-print jackets to snakeskin boots, this craze has cultivated a fashion zoo. What I love about this trend is that it turns a simple outfit into something special. Adding a pair of cheetah-print boots to an all-black outfit is the perfect touch to turn an ensemble from sleek to chic. Influencers such as Katy Bellotte (@katybellotte) and Julia Havens (@jujhavens) have showcased this trend in recent Instagram posts. This look has certainly become the fiercest fashion trend of 2018.




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4. Biker chick

If you scrolled through Instagram this year, you most likely saw outfit posts consisting of bike shorts. These tight compression shorts are typically worn by competitive bikers, but recently have become a trend for casual streetwear. Out of all the fashion trends this year, I felt that these shorts were the least fashion-forward. I personally do not feel that wearing bike shorts is the most appealing fashion statement, but this look seemed to be very prominent on Instagram. The biggest promoter of the bike short trend this year was Kylie Jenner. Scrolling through her Instagram, she posted several photos in nearly $100 bike shorts. YouTuber Danielle Carolan (@daniellecarolan) has also showcased the look in her social media posts.




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5. Do you see what I see?

Last, but not least, is the smallest fashion trend of 2018, in terms of size that is. Tiny sunglasses have been all the rage this year. When scrolling through my feed, it seemed that every influencer and their mother decided to choose tiny spectacles over oversized aviators this season. Coming in all different shapes and colors, these sunglasses were a hit at music festivals this year. Although not for everyone, I think these sunglasses do make a statement for the unique shape and size. YouTubers and models like Margot Lee (@margot.lee) and Ella Angel (@ellaaangel) have styled this trend fashionably on their Instagram feeds.

There you have it: some of the most double-tapped, shared and viewed style trends of 2018. Whether you sported these trends or just scrolled through Instagram, you partook in the fashion party of the year. More than ever, social media creates trends that are extremely shareable and easy to recreate. For that, 2018 had some of the most chic and eccentric fashion trends to date. You’re up next, 2019. Let’s see what you've got.