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Grrrl Talk: An Introduction to the Musings of a Feminist in Training


Welcome! You have just stumbled upon my very own little corner of the Internet where throughout the year I will be spending time musing about some issues that interest me, a budding feminist, and my journey into a land of social justice.

I say “budding” feminist because I realize that throughout my life I will constantly be reading, learning, and discussing feminist theory as well as learning about myself and how I can apply my passion for women’s issues in useful ways. Now, when I’m not out searching for ways to smash the patriarchy, I’m usually attending classes at the beautiful institute of the University of Florida where I major in Public Relations. You’ll also probably find me working with the gals over at UF’s Women’s Student Association where I serve as Vice-President helping promote female leadership and empowerment. Anytime else, I’ll most likely be enjoying myself a good ol’ cupcake, or heck, doing it all at the same time (and I’m only a sophomore!)

Look, there I am on the right at WSA’s 4th Annual Women’s Welcome Assembly! The two goofballs to my left are both my roommates and some of the very best friends I’ve ever had the pleasure to make.

“That’s all well and fun, Sarah,” you may say, “but why is the ‘Grrrl’ in ‘Grrrl Talk’ spelled so funny?” Well, dear reader, the term “grrrl” was originally coined by the feminist punk rock movement “Riot Grrrl.” It essentially means “girl” but the roll of the rrr’s is meant to be reminiscent of an animalistic growl used to represent aggression and a kick-butt attitude in the face of oppression.

My goal throughout this journey in the blogosphere is to help promote discussion and analysis on issues that face women on an everyday basis. You’ll find me talking about things that could very well vary from the harmful consequences of Photoshop on body image to the hypersexualization of women in the media to the offensive significance of Miley Cyrus’ actin’ a fool at this past year’s VMAs. But I guess you and I will just have to wait and see! So thanks for stopping by and, most importantly, don’t forget your way back!

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am currently a sophomore studying Public Relations at the beautiful University of Florida. I am a feminist, a lover of cupcakes, an admirer of the arts, and a life-long student. My goal in life is to always learn and love and to help others, as well as myself, surround themselves with good vibes.
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