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Grrrl Talk: Compliments How-To’s [As Told By Tina Belcher]


Compliments can be real nice sometimes, but sometimes certain compliments, taken in the wrong context, can also make you feel really… uncomfortable. Lucky for you, dear reader, I’ve compiled a list of compliment how-to’s, so you can flatter your desired ones’ butt off.

Compliment Them On Something Other Than Their Looks 
Believe it or not, people like to be recognized for things other than their physical appearances! Don’t get me wrong; looks are nice and stuff, but we also live in a society where people, particularly women, are overwhelmingly criticized on their appearances, rather than on their individual achievements. Instead of focusing on someone’s physical characteristics, recognize them for their arts and crafts skills or extensive knowledge of underground hip-hop!

No Objectification Allowed!

Tina’s not quite there yet.

If you do feel so inclined to compliment someone on their looks, try to veer away from sexually charged comments. Nobody is simply just the sum of their parts, and those parts weren’t made for your aesthetic or physical pleasure. Try to focus instead on features, rather than on body parts, to stay away from the creep-zone.

Check Yo' Expectations

Gosh, Tina, way to trespass into Jimmy Jr.'s personal space…

Before you go on and make your move, ask yourself what you expect from this interaction. Do not expect it to lead anywhere; throwin’ out compliments like it’s nobody’s business does not mean you deserve anything in return. Thing is: Everyone should be nice to everybody all the time (if only), and if you’re only doing it because you expect some form of gratification, well then, Jerky McJerkerton, you are surely mistaken.

Case in point: People like to be complimented, but people also like to feel like people and not like objects. Remember to be respectful, and you’ll always be scoring in life.

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am currently a sophomore studying Public Relations at the beautiful University of Florida. I am a feminist, a lover of cupcakes, an admirer of the arts, and a life-long student. My goal in life is to always learn and love and to help others, as well as myself, surround themselves with good vibes.
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